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Trump Indicted... What Next?

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Untitled | 17:23 Wed 02nd Aug 2023 | News
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donald trump has been indicted for, among other things, conspiracy to defraud the united states due to his efforts to overturn the result of the 2020 election

it alleges that he tried to open sham fraud investigations to delegitimise the result and that he attempted to persuade mike pence to discount electoral college votes for joe biden

Trump has been summoned to appear in court on thursday.

what happens if they find him guilty? will things get violent?


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I shouldn't be surprised if he's got his supporters from the Capitol incident standing by.
Question Author
the indictment is extremely thorough on the lies that trump told even when he must have known they were untrue.
I'm not personally convinced this will come to trial, or that even if it did -- and he was convicted -- it would make the slightest difference to his supporters. And, in that case, there could be the frankly frightening prospect of watching him pardon himself.
well none of know what is going to happen
He filled the courts with appointees who were keen on the original constitution and no other
so if they can show he was trying to over throw that, then he is for the highjump

thanks for the ref
If he spins it out for as long as possible he might die of old age before he is up in court. We can hope that this happens, otherwise, there will be much unrest in the land of the free.

He's previously said he intends to run for presidency and govern from jail if he's convicted.
Given the capitol hill riots I could quite believe there are enough deranged Americans to make this happen.
Why is Biden's corruption ignored by so many?

It is a great race. State prosecutors desperate to judge one candidate as fast as possible whilst at the same time trying to slow down the the trial of the other. We are almost at the same stage in our political machinations where the lawyers have wrested control of our lives from the politicians. We can vote the politicians out. The lawyers can take us out.
What crime has Joe Biden committed Roy and Togo ?
Do keep up. He is fighting an impeachment attempt. Not him of course he tells himself lies, his lawyers.
2 wrongs don't make it right, Trump apologists please note.
Hunter Biden has not been founf guilty of anything. How can Joe be implicated in a none crime ?
The Republicans are engaging in a desperate tit for tat impeachment -
but Joe didn’t try to null the election and storm the seat of Government. are dilutional.
Last answer for you. Biden will be impeached under the constitutional catch all of him having been unfaithful to his trust as President. When sworn in he promised to faithfully execute the office of President. Just like Nixon was. The impeachment is not a criminal judgment but what the Americans call a fiduciary accounting for abuse of office. This is the same constitutional procedure used against Nixon. If an impeachment is successful it is likely that the IRS will be waiting in the wings with a list of questions and that the people desperately trying to cover his tracks will take cover and start to tell some truths. If you wish to talk on any subject with me in future, ask politely if you don't know or do some proper research beforehand.
dilutional ?

Eh ?
// ask politely if you don't know or do some proper research beforehand //

Wasn’t - “What crime has Joe Biden committed?” a polite enquiry ?
Surely the US need to convict Hunter of a crime before they can implicate the father.
As you probably know.
// The Biden–Ukraine conspiracy theory is a series of false allegations that Joe Biden, while he was vice president of the United States, withheld a loan guarantee to pressure Ukraine into firing a prosecutor to prevent a corruption investigation of Ukrainian gas company Burisma and to protect his son, Hunter Biden, who was on the Burisma board. Joe Biden did withhold the loan guarantee to pressure Ukraine into removing the prosecutor who was seen as corrupt and failing to clean up Ukrainian corruption, in accordance with the official and bipartisan policy of the United States, the European Union, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. As part of efforts by Donald Trump and his campaign in the Trump–Ukraine scandal, which led to Trump's first impeachment, these falsehoods were spread in an attempt to damage Joe Biden's reputation and chances during the 2020 presidential campaign. //

Yep, delusional is the word. But for you, not me ;-D
I doubt it'll come to anything. The only questions are how long it'll rumble on for, and at what point in the process does it come to an abrupt end.
Oh dear to Togo - I admit I dontusually bother

the Toag: The impeachment is not a criminal judgment but what the Americans call a fiduciary accounting for abuse of office.

my view is: so the bit that reads high crimes and misdemeanours, does not mean criminal - - well that's clear, phew!

Some have argued the term comprehends only violations of the criminal law.[5] Others, most famously then-Representative Gerald Ford, have claimed it encompasses whatever Congress decides it encompasses.[6]

The quote is from

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Trump Indicted... What Next?

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