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Grant Shapps!

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carolegif | 09:41 Thu 31st Aug 2023 | News
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Appointed a minister for Defence? Is there any post he was good at?


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Now the Cons are really scraping the bottom of the Blue Barrel

It's his fifth Cabinet position in a year.
How on earth can you settle down and get your teeth into any job and understand how everything works or dont work, when your moving around that often. Its no wonder this government never gets anything sorted. Its been like one big merry go round for 3 years now.
He's still looking.
Shapps is a useless TINO clown who has failed in everything he does only really famous for the death trap 'Smart' Motorways he said he would stop and then didnt.

Hopefully this is the end of the TINO's, clearly Sunak wants to lose the next election.

Lifelong tory voter here, I will not be voting for them.

What does puzzle me is that they're bringing in new laws for things that already are covered.

Murderers to be forced to hear their sentence? Judges have the power already but know some criminals will be disruptive or use it as a further way of hurling insults at the victim and their family.
More to the point who is going to replace Sunak when he is voted out before the GE ..............Shapps LOL.
Peppa Pig may be . :0)
His predecessor will be a hard act to follow.
Continued support for the war is all we ask
I believe the support will always be there whoever is in the job. And I doubt they will have the last say in withdrawing such should they wish to.
//Continued support for the war is all we ask//

That may be a big ask for incompetent ass Shapps.
I hope you can find someone to your liking, ymb. For my part, I'm asking myself how I could vote for an opposition that hasn't opposed anything at all and on the contrary desperately promises continuity with the Tories.

The best I can say is that I know how bad the present government are and I suppose Labour ought to be given at least the opportunity that they can do better - but they seem unwilling to promise even that much.
It might even be the way to go for any labour government, ( don't make any promises at all, that seems to be what creates the most complaints. Promises from / within any government in my view are foolish, and in most cases prove to be impossible to keep. Sunak made the same mistake with his recent 5.

The problem I have with the current Tory government isn't their aspirations, it's their sheer incompetence, and the appearance that they are bitterly divided, which can't help in getting things done.
drm, Labour are still divided and bankrupting themselves into the bargain

An absolute shower is parliament, on all sides.
Support for the war is far from being the only thing we need from the government.

In any case, those things usually depend on the US. If they opt to pull put without telling anyone then the rest have to patch up the best route from there that we can.
He’s Mick Jones of The Clash’s cousin.
I didn’t know that …
Give him a chance before you condemn him.
He's had umpteen chances and still they move him on to another position.
In fairness to Grant Shapps most if not all of his moves have been due to circumstances outside his of control. He’s the utility man you use to plug a gap. Safe, unspectacular, personable.
Quite harmless I’d say.
Someone referred to him as political bubble wrap, which is just a marvellous description.
Now he’s been popped in defence (!)

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Grant Shapps!

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