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Wales 20Mph Speed Limit

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evadora | 11:09 Tue 12th Sep 2023 | News
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The above is coming into force this month in all built up areas (local newdpaper has printed that this is any area that has street lamps). I live in a rural area but there are street lamps on the roads leading to the village and beyond. Yesterday we drove to the village at the required 20mph and a jogger was running along side of us on the pavement!!!! Another looney idea from Mark Drakeford.


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30mph was known to be a good residential speed for decades. If conditions made it unadvisable drivers would adjust as appropriate. Compulsory 20mph is ridiculously slow. And will create issues re pollution, reduced opportunities to get into a junction and thus a longer wait, plus the continual change from 30, 20, 30 20 30, 20 can only ratitional be...
11:46 Tue 12th Sep 2023
My sympathy goes out to the average Welsh citizen. But they vote idiods in, they get and pay for idiotic actions. Most politicians these days seem to need to just leave the political stage.
The move is only intended to lower the speed limit on "residential roads and busy pedestrian streets". Have you checked the map to see whether the road leading to your village is actually exempt or not?

It makes perfect sense to me and, although Wales is the first administration to make the change nationally, it's broadly in line with what's happening elsewhere in the UK anyway.

For example, the estate that I live on (in a small town in Suffolk) has long had a 20mph speed limit. The largest near town, Ipswich, has had 20mph speed limits across all its main housing estates for many years and now has the same speed limit across the town centre as well.
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I never voted for this shower we have in Wales at the moment - to be honest I would suggest people look at the mess Mr "Dripford" has and continues to do in Wales and wonder what would happen if this became UK wide. He continues to complain about not having enough money but dreams up hair brained schemes such as the 20 mph. Local Newspaper printed not long ago about the cuts that are coming for the next financial year and Mr Dripford is wanting to increase the number of Assembly members (MP'S)!!
That jogger was jogging at close to the world record pace for 100m; if they could keep it up they would complete a marathon in less than 1 hour 15 minutes (taking over 45 minutes off the current world record).
We’ve had that speed limit near me for a while and it’s been in Bute for at least ten years. I’ve never had a jogger running alongside me at that speed. I’d love to see one
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Yes the whole of my area is going from 30mp to 20. Some signs have already been changed from 30 to 20. This is not just for safety but some said that the Wesh Assembly has suggested that it will make the air cleaner and less polluted. Will it?? My friend has said the slower you drive the more petrol you use and the more pollution? Who is correct?
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Barry - We have a lot of runners using this road and is if flat and very straight-some people are up and down the road a few times a day (they appear to be training for some race) perhap Iron Man? We also have a lot of bike riders.
according to a tweet (X?) by London Mayor yesterday, those areas already subject to the lower limit are returning a 25% decrease in traffic collisions.

that said, anyone who ignores the 30mph limit is hardly going to respect a limit of 20mph. since figures released today suggest more than half of all drivers exceed the 30 limit, the Welsh government are going to have something of an enforcement problem.

of course they could always take the Richard Brunstrom approach and run ads featuring dead motorcyclists with their heads off.
As a matter of interest for those who are not aware of the background:

In an ideal world, lower speeds should mean more people survive RTA's, but sadly that is not always the case:
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I agree Mushroom - most people on a reasonable quiet road as where I live whizz up and down. There are a couple of boy racers early in the morning that do at least 60mph. No cameras about to catch them.
30mph was known to be a good residential speed for decades. If conditions made it unadvisable drivers would adjust as appropriate.

Compulsory 20mph is ridiculously slow. And will create issues re pollution, reduced opportunities to get into a junction and thus a longer wait, plus the continual change from 30, 20, 30 20 30, 20 can only ratitional be understood as an attack on decent drivers in the hope of issuing fines and blotting their record.

And it's clearly an attempt to further this idiotic push for citizens to not take responsibility for themselves, even when they are the more maneuverable, and to expect others to compensate for the pedestrian's irresponsibility by blaming drivers for everything.

One need not look far to see multiple such manipulations, and proof as to why our politicians, and others in position of power, prove themselves time & again utterly inadequate for the position they're in.
We have a network of roads near me where it is nigh on impossible to get above 10 miles an hour because the speed bumps are so close together. It is unfathomable to me because it is a route to a very large hospital that has a very busy A and E department, makes it difficult for the ambulances
Maybe the council have an arrangement with the regional suspension repair company. In which case they would be using your tax money to put the scam in place.
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This country is going to the dogs. There are so many important things that need attention and more money but The First Minister spends millions on this road scheme. That money is needed in Wales for The NHS, Education, Elderly care, poverty and other things. Still the people of Wakes voted him in so it is a case of you reap what you sow. Until Wales stands up and says enough it will continue down the same path.
eva, Mark Drakeford has stated clearly that the expenditure for the lower speed limit will benefit the NHS through savings not having to care for so many seriously injured people. I suspect you are more at odds with the Party in Government than the subject of lowering speed limits. When 30 mph limits were set there were far fewer vehicles on the roads. It seems that anyone can afford some vehicle these days.
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Choux - but how is the new speed limit to be enforced? Apparently there is nothing in place to enforce it. No speed cameras, traffic humps, extra camera vans - nothing. So who is going to take notice of 20 mph? The vast majority will continue to drive 50mph plus just as they did in the 30mph areas. How is that going to help the NHS save money? I have spoken to my local member of the senate and he confirms that at present there is no money to put extra enforcement facilities in.
A lot of the London boroughs are 20mph everywhere. They said it was to reduce pollution but some people say they can't do 20mph in 4th gear which means 3rd gear, more revs and more pollution. It's just a money spinner to get more revenue from speed cameras.
Worth reading if you live in Wales. The comments section below the article is quality.
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Togo - read it (a bit long winded) and read (most) of the comments. Some of the comments are spot on - Wales voted for it and only have themselves to blame. If Wales wants change they need to vote with their feet. I agree if there was a vote on whether to continue with devolution then Wales would probably vote to drop it.
There has been a call for 20 mile ph limit in part of our village area. One reason being it might save some cats lives, as we've had a lot of local cats killed on this particular stretch of road. For some reason, some drivers seem to put their foot down on said stretch of road.

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