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20'S Not Plenty

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barry1010 | 10:50 Sat 20th Apr 2024 | News
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Wales has scrapped the 20mph speed limit and reverted to 30

I can see the need for a 20mph limit in some specific areas at specific times but it couldn't work everywhere.

I wonder how much this failed exercise has cost?



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Surely a new dawn in the valleys as politicians respond to their electorate.

"Transport minister Ken Skates said the decision to change some routes back to the its 30mph speed limits will address concerns that 'a lot of people' have raised 'on a consistent basis'."

If only some are to be changed, it's not been scrapped, has it?

it's devolution again. Give some eejits a little bit of power and this is what happens. Just look at what's happening in Scotland! madness! Abolish these impotent and incompetant "parliaments" now!

In England it's 20mph past schools, that's how it should be, end of.

Ken Skates, transport minister ... 😂

//Abolish these impotent //

If they were impotent you wouldn't need to abolish them would you!

It cost £34million to implement the madness that no one voted for or wanted. There have been 20mph zones outside schools for decades and everybody accepted it as sensible without any quibble. It will probably cost even more to reverse the stupidity and off course the zealists and lycra oddballs are using the cost as an argument not to scrap the mandatory go slow. Meanwhile the roads are like Dodge City as we all have to swerve around the potholes, vital services are being closed down(managers will be moved sideways)and the reason given is that the Councils are short of money. The cycle lanes that cost £millions remain largely unused whilst the bikists ride on the pavements and promenades usually going faster than the cars on the roads especially if they are on the electrickery bikes. Socialist madhouse.  

going back up because they will lose an election

I'd like to believe it's democracy in action in that the government are listening to the people; in reality I think the Labour government have realised there's an election coming up and, if they don't reverse it, they might cease to be the government.

//in reality I think the Labour government have realised there's an election coming up and, if they don't reverse it, they might cease to be the government.//

I hope that is true. Mayor Khan has made nearly all roads in Sutton a 20mph limit including our back street and regardless of vicinity of schools. It is detested by most residents. I hope the Labour mayor suffers for it and ULEZ at the London mayoral election.

20 MPH = 32.2 Kilometres per hour, which is faster than the 30 kph for all built up areas in Germany. 

I haven't followed this, but did it apply to all roads in Wales; duel carriageways and motorways ? 

Khandro - when did that limit come into effect? I haven't been to Germany since 2018 but I don't recall it being there then.

^^^^ Sorry it's 50 kph in all built up areas unless sign-posted as 30. I think I'm going ga-ga. 🙄


Khandro - thanks for that. I always enjoyed driving in Germany; I like the way they usually bring your speed down slowly for limits and I also like the way MOST Germans obey the Rules of the Road.

bhg481  The most important thing to watch for when driving in Germany is that the mandatory 50kph limit isn't marked as such. 

When you enter a built up area the town or village yellow sign is itself the notice for 50kph, likewise as you leave the area the sign on the left side of the road with the name of the town or village with a red stripe through it, tells you that you are leaving the restricted zone - that sign is of course the back of the one for going in.

I picked up quite a few speeding fines when I first moved here not understanding this. 

wales the land of other peoples money, did ya know thye spent 5mill on a road that never got built, cardiff has no central bus station, but...massive business building went up in two yrs where the main bus station was..ermm fishy that, the senedd should be investigate for serious.

Khandro - yes, the sign bearing the town/city name being the start/end of the speed limit is fairly consistent throughout mainland Europe - the only difference between countries is the limit itself. In the days when we toured western Europe I had all the speed limits (town/single carriageway/dual carriageway/motorway) with and without caravan on a card to make sure we knew what it was for each country. Some countries are more pedantic than others about obeying speed limits eg, the Italians seem to ignore them as much as possible, particularly the further south you go, Corsica is a free-for-all but in San Marino even Italian visitors obey them absolutely. Welcome to the EU, where all member countries (should) have the same rules.

20 is absolute sheeite. Now they need to return all other 20 mph limits back to sanity except where a legitimate case can be made, which will very much be the exception. The cost of the failed exercise ought to be reimbursed by the individuals responsible for it, both the cost of putting it in and of removing it.  Once done we can then apply much the same regarding the deleted motorway hard shoulders.

Typical Welsh, taking things back again.


I can't look at the slogan without thinking of the Bond film

Hi I'm Plenty

Bond - I can shee that

Plenty for it is she: no no my name's plenty - Plenty O'toole

Bond - named after your father perhapsh


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