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Labours Immigration Policy

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fender62 | 23:30 Wed 13th Sep 2023 | News
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basically an open door policy or dumping peoples policy. stop letting them enter europe, nope wont do that..



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The current policy has been working brilliantly since we took back control. 🤣

I see no need to change it. 

// I see no need to change it. //

yeh but - the labour party want to get their paws on the mega thousands currently going to people smugglers.....

We have had 50,000 illegal migrants since we stopped cooperating with the EU on border security.

If we negotiate taking 40,000 less by accepting to participate in the EUs burden sharing scheme to take some* then it is an improvement on the current open door policy.

* obvious the number we agree to must be less than 50,000.

//We have had 50,000 illegal migrants since we stopped cooperating with the EU on border security.//


We give France going on half a billion pounds to stop the boats.  Did we stop co-operating - or did they?

I knew I should have checked the figures before posting. For 50,000 above, please read 100.000.

2018 - 299

2019 - 1,843

2020 - 8,466

2021 - 28,526

2022 - 45,774

2023 - 23,382 + how many arrive between now & the end year

2018 to Present - 108,290

// Building on our existing partnership [with France], which saw twice as many illegal crossings stopped in 2022 than 2021 //,number%20of%20crossings%20each%20year.

⬛️ The terrible result last year was despite twice as many boats being stopped. So that policy is clearly not working.


The Government's current policy is not working.
Their policy to export the unwanted migrants will not happen because they cannot convince their own MPs, Lords and the Courts.

At least Labour have a plan B. We don't know if it will work, but we do know that the current plan is definitely not working.

What a bunch of freaks.

//What a bunch of freaks//


Labour, the illegals or the ABers?

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none of it works or will work for either party till we ditch all migrant treaties starting with the echr and the u.n treaties. then mass deportations without recourse to the law, pie in the sky yea, any other solutions..


We have had 108,298 just walk in. We already have an open door, one that the UK authorities are unable to shut. Not sure anything from Labour could be any worse, and it just might be better.

When sane folk are screaming out for a party with a sensible strategy, the present opposition seemingly are doing their best to ensure they don't gain any additional seats in the next GE.

And just how exactly are Labour going to stop the boats?

It's just more *** from the labour party.  Never knowingly under *** since the year dot.

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Labours Immigration Policy

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