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Fears Of Up To 20,000 Dead After Catastrophic Libya Flood

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naomi24 | 09:33 Thu 14th Sep 2023 | News
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North Africa is certainly suffering..  This is horrendous - and Libya's internal politics don't help the situation.  Let's hope that, unlike Morocco, they will accept all the help offered.



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The horror of it is unimaginable.  

There but for the grace of Mother Nature

Apparently, I heard on the news this morning, people had told the authorities time and time again that the dam had cracks.


I first read of this 2 days ago...when the death toll was about 500. This is horrifying and difficult to comprehend. How do they recover from such destruction? 

Absolutely dreadful, more so because of the apparent lack of a warning.

This is all beyond my comprehension and so dreadfully sad.
Yesterday's news reels showed vast mass burials and the then forecasted deaths total was (merely!) 5,200.

I cannot equate this news with others on the BBC:
England's rarest species to get £14.5m funding boost - BBC News

It just seems a mad world to me.

Apples and oranges, choux. Life goes on.

Along with the BBC, I have the DM on my home page. I scrolled all the way down their news page. Not. One. Mention. I know they are a rubbish excuse for a newspaper, but that's inexcusable. 

pasta, they devote more column inches to ridiculous zelebrities.

With all these natural disasters of late, it's surprising that the God Botherers aren't spamming the forums more.

They may have coverted to climatism, OG.

I just saw a headline referring to "strange lights" seen just before the Morocco earthquake. 

Question Author

This from The Independent.


//Flashes in the sky above Morocco moments before a devastating earthquake struck the country and killed thousands were captured in social media videos – similar to unexplained lights seen during previous large seismic events as well.

This bizarre occurrence is likely a phenomenon known as earthquake lights (EQL). They were spotted earlier this year during the massive tremors that struck Turkey and Syria, and in 2017 above Mexico after a powerful 7-magnitude earthquake.///

Stresses in the rock probably creating an electric field somehow, I reckon.

It's the lead story in the DM's World News section

Question Author

That bit from the Independent says 'they were spotted earlier this year ...'   I wonder if they've been spotted before that or if this is something not seen previously?

I'm certain I read about these quake lights years ago.

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Oh really, OG?  Got to say it would be very odd if they hadn't been seen before.

I thought this was about the flood in Libya? That was caused by a dam collapsing wasn't it? Why are we talking about Earthquakes?

Another natural disaster in Africa at the same time. Not unreasonable to mention it.

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Fears Of Up To 20,000 Dead After Catastrophic Libya Flood

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