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Next Time Could The Uk At War With Russia?

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drmorgans | 11:19 Thu 14th Sep 2023 | News
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Taken from a BBC website article:

"Rogue Russian pilot tried to shoot down RAF aircraft in 2022

"A Russian pilot tried to shoot down an RAF surveillance plane after believing he had permission to fire, the BBC has learned. The pilot fired two missiles, the first of which missed rather than malfunctioned as claimed at the time.

"Russia had claimed the incident last September was caused by a "technical malfunction". The UK's Ministry of Defence (MoD) publicly accepted the Russian explanation. 

"But now three senior Western defence sources with knowledge of the incident have told the BBC that Russian communications intercepted by the RAF RC-135 Rivet Joint aircraft give a very different account from the official version."




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It's difficult to dismiss the notion that it's simmering.

If these are the best and brightest they have to send then it could be a quick contest.

It's lucky that Russian equipment is so rubbish.

No one wishes for an accidental war (ok sane folk don't wish for war at all, but bear with me). So an idiot pilot and a piddle poor system won't, by itself, start one, maybe a cold one perhaps. Where there is clear intent though, then you'd get one.

I didnt  understand post 1 but what the hell

The REAL thing is that the  Brits knew what the pilots were saying

so the official - "oops-ski!" was alie

and they didnt wish to let on that they had broken the voice codes.

because they quite liked being able to listen to the Russians yapping to each  other on missions over Ukraine

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Next Time Could The Uk At War With Russia?

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