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Voters Aren't Talking About Brexit....

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mushroom25 | 16:55 Fri 22nd Sep 2023 | News
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so says Ed Davey on the eve of the Lib-Dem conference -

wishful thinking on his part? clearly Mr Davey has never heard of AB, or "my mate Phil".......



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I think that man lives in a little fantasy world of his own.

I think it's sensible: there isn't going to be another referendum any time soon so why bother now. On the other hand, if people are talking about "Brexit" I'd imagine it's largely in an uncomplimentary manner, so in a sense it's a shot to nothing for Ed and co.

They might not be talking about it, but no one thinks it has been a success.

ina few years time younger people might want to rejoin the EU, but not now.

Why would we Gromit, we have a stronger economy than a good few of the EU countries, it was always going to take time 

This stronger economy, is that the one that pays health workers and teachers a proper wage, has a properly resourced police force, has a probation service that's fit for purpose, mental health care for those who need it, runs transport on well-maintained roads and sells every last thing it can to keep up the pretence of still ruling the waves?

Douglas,sorry but it's unrealistic what Consultants and junior doctors and even the train drivers are asking for 

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Eh? ^^^^

> it's unrealistic what Consultants and junior doctors

Is that why they're emigrating to Australia and Canada?

It's a bit of a shame when they've been born here, trained here and then fly off somewhere better (for them) ...

Ellipses I don't agree with striking at all , only my view 

Odd that all these strikes are happening right now. One could be forgiven for thinking there's a method in the madness.

...but no one thinks it [Brexit] has been a success.

That's incorrect. I do. And I'm not alone.


i'm frustrated by the doctors/consultants strike and want to see it sorted so we can keep the best but like with the tube/train strike I dont understand why its the goverments job to organise talks... isnt it up to the NHS management sort it it within the budget in the first instance ....if there not up to it sack the managers----just like the train drivers dispute is something for the rail companies not RIshi Sunak to negotiate. Can someone explain??

17:48 from ellipsis link

Junior NHS doctors are migrating to Australia and Canada, union warns...........unions again


and why is there an Australian MP in the article, is she there to cause trouble, shouldn't she be at work in Oz

The fact is, especially if you've just qualified, you'd probably work in Australia or Canada than stay in the UK.

It's a bit like the £10 poms of 50 years ago ... the Brits leave for a better lifestyle elsewhere, and we then have to import people to staff our NHS, because we're not paying enough for our own people to stay.

And we pay well enough? No, obviously not. We have tens of thousands of vacancies here.

So the peope we import are happy with the pay,but our greedy doctors who we paid to train for the job do not think so,didn't they know what the pay was when training,greedy little money spiders in my opinion.

And what are you going to do about it ... how will we fill the vacancies in the NHS?

He's an idiot. Obsessed with climate  change. 

Well when the tax payer has paid for the doctors to be trained why not make them stay for the length of time it took to train them i.e.7years.


What, internment?

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Voters Aren't Talking About Brexit....

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