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Ha ha, having had multiple examinations and procedures in that area since my youth,  I am always relieved when it's a male.  Kinder gentler and with a sense of humour.  



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all this trans business has got out of hand, almost militant and as for schools, there is no place for it there, you called what you were born! get over it, what was it erm i child wanted to be a cat, what if you wanted to be a squid, squiddly get to class, and it leads to jk rowling being threatened canceled etc and others, id end it all with a stroke of a pen.

If it wasn't for the aggressive trans lobby, trans women would still be discretely using the ladies' public loos, going about their days with no more than the occasional raised eyebrow to contend with, as they have for decades.

Trans women are not a problem, it is this awful lobby that does not represent the majority of trans people.

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barry1010, same with stonewall going mlitant and trying to get there agenda in schools, im not bias against anyone, but leave children out of adult conversation.

//Dont be ridiculous Canary, but then again I suspect you are just being contrary.//

He/she  might be trans themselves. 🚻

I agree, fender. 

About time too that we put the brakes on wokeism and similar issues and listened to the views and needs of the majority. That is not to say that we shouldn't recognise and respect the views of such minorities in society - however, it also has to be a two-way street and they have to reflect this to the majorities as well.

There may be good learning lessons from Holland who seem to have a higher level of acceptance and tolerance in their society. On my first day living there, one of my colleagues explained it brilliantly '"We're a nation of 16 million islands who occasionally bump into each other." In other words, if transgenderism isn't an issue for X but is for Y, then the islands don't collide. When they do, there is debate, usually in folk's homes, and a position of commonality is reached and, if there is still difference, the wishes of the majority have the decisive hand on how to go forward. And there is far more inherent respect of each other.



At last!!!

I'm trying to understand how this will work in practice.  "Under the proposed changes, trans patients could be housed in separate accommodation or their own rooms."

Will hospitals have to block a bed or two on each ward off in case a trans person needs it?  They would not be able to put a trans man in the same ward as a trans woman.  They can't all be housed together in one unit because different conditions need different care - you wouldn't put a person who had heart surgery on a geriatric ward.  Consultants can't be rushing all over the hospital to see their patients.

Will a very poorly patient be kicked out of her single room because a trans patient can't be put on a ward?

Does this apply to all trans patients or just those that haven't had full gender surgery?

In reality, how many trans patients are in one hospital at the same time?  How did hospitals deal with the situation before the trans lobby got vocal?

W-t-f is Jackie surgery? Is this one of ttts terms?

No idea, piggy

"W-t-f is Jackie surgery? Is this one of ttts terms?"


Jacksie/jacksy/jacksey: The human bottom/derriere/erse/bahookie...

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Trans Patients To Be Banned

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