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Another Tragedy! In Venice.

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piggynose | 13:24 Wed 04th Oct 2023 | News
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Could this been avoided? Personally I don't know, yet!



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What a ghastly tragedy.


Makes sad reading.  Tourists enjoying a holiday in Italy.

This was on last night's BBC news.  It's horrendous.

Sadly these things happen.  Could it have been avoided?  Most likley but then so can most accidents/incidents.

Not at all nice though.

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I was going to say before 14.52, I think I used the same campsite 42 yrs ago! But now to think about it, so what, I'm sure many people have used or been to many places where tragedy has taken place! That doesn't soften the blow though. 


Rip those poor souls! 

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Another Tragedy! In Venice.

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