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Some Abers Have Expressed The View That The Government Should Be Congratulated For Their Handling Of The Covid Pandemic

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Hymie | 20:37 Mon 16th Oct 2023 | News
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I suspect that they were living under a rock while the pandemic raged, resulting in thousands of avoidable deaths due to the government’s incompetent response to the pandemic.

As revealed at the Covid inquiry, the government’s Chief Scientific Officer (Sir Patrick Valance) wrote in his diary at the time ‘chaos as usual in Downing Street’ and another entry described Boris Johnson as ‘...all over the place and so completely inconsistent

We are well rid of this incompetent fool from British politics.



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I was just furious with the Govt. most of the time.  Still am.

i absolutely agree the full diary should not be shown


Worldwide, very few governments/parliaments handled the pandemic well. Ours was no exception. It seemed more of an opportunity to exercise control of the people and prove they'll accept anything.

The people seem low on the importance/priority chain these days. And no point pretending any opposition party looks better.

We are losing gains our forefathers achieved. Government and commercial companies appear to be the ones with free rein, the people are just there to be controlled. Well that and any anti-british or british culture/beliefs protesters that is: they can do what they like under the free speech/free action principle.

Go on then, Hymie. Post a couple of examples of ABers complimenting the Govt's handling of the COVID pandemic......

Question Author

In the link below, someone called Zacs-Master posted:-

//Any comment on my point that no other govt is doing any better and some far worse?//

Locking young people in their homes for weeks on end just to try and save the lives of a few old people who have already lived their lives was the biggest scandal and the fact that everyone was brainwashed into complying (not me by the way) was just unbelievable. 





Ask anyone. They'll mainly say the world's governments all (a) over reacted or (b) didn't take enough action. Yes there was plenty of panic and dithering, but it did catch every government out and was unprecedented in our lifetime. But it seems better to me to wait until the formal review is published and discussed to death. I expect there will never be a consensus 

That's unfair Dave.  I am what you could call a very old vulnerable person and I stayed in for 2 years so as not to get infected myself and not to infect others. 

There was a procedure in place for dealing with a pandemic when Covid came along. It was agreed by all parties in 2008, with the looming threat of bird flu. This procedure was fully rehearsed in 2009 and was approved as a success. There should have been another full scale rehearsal in 2016 but it was cancelled by the Tories because of the cost. When Covid came along in 2020, Bojo the Clown completely ditched the previously agreed contingencies and went down his own route, because he's a nutcase who cares nothing about this country. He only wants to see what he can away with and how far he can go with it whilst taking the *** out of everyone, which he is still doing with his media jobs and the speech circuit. Useless ***.

Once again everyone is a fool except Hymie.  The government, along with practically every other government, took advice and, facing an unknown, did what they thought was right at the time.  I didn't agree with lockdowns or with paying people to stay at home but it is what it is.  Continually dissecting and criticising ancient history is tedious - and more to the point, it isn't going to change anything.  Find something else to moan about, Hymie.

 I think that Boris and the government broadly did the correct things over Covid. Nothing like this had happened in recent times and the decision makers were thinking on the hoof. We can all look back and criticise in hindsight.

Moaning seems to be Hymie's raison d'etre Naomi.

I wasn't complimenting them, Hymie, I was saying they're we're not better or worse than any other world government. Nice try but as usual, the subtlety of the point has escaped you. 

So come on Hymie justify your statement then.

Name the ABers.

And it certainly wont be me!

Just think how worse it would have been under Labour. 🙄

Well more and longer lockdowns for a start from the way they were going on at the time.  Which of course would mean more money paid to keep people sat on their backside while the economy tanked.

Most people either seem to think that the government behaved like a fascist dictatorship or was fatally slow to react. Arguably if they HAD acted earlier it might have stopped some of the later "fascism". However I distinctly remember the government's chief health adviser saying that locking down the country too soon would be counterproductive.

One of the best things done was the free home tests, and I think that was the brainchild of Dominic Cummings.

One of the worst was the blatant failure to follow their own lockdown rules.

//Most people either seem to think that the government behaved like a fascist dictatorship or was fatally slow to react. //


Who are 'most people'?  I haven't heard most people saying that.

Just making the point that you have your anti-lockdown fanatics and your lockdown fanatics.

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Some Abers Have Expressed The View That The Government Should Be Congratulated For Their Handling Of The Covid Pandemic

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