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I Don't Normally Encourage The Compensation Culture But....

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Redhelen72 | 10:06 Thu 19th Oct 2023 | News
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What this teacher had gone through is just terrible - what punishment is being doled out to the teachers involved and to the girls - the very least for wasting police time

the pittance that he has been awarded is not enough for what this man has been through.



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 youngmafbo you suggest that we go back to the days when children who were being abused were afraid to speak up or who were brave enough to approach authorities and were not believed?I agree that men have a rough deal, if an allegation is made then the man should not be named as, even if he is found to be innocent, it will affect him for life. 
13:54 Thu 19th Oct 2023

What stupid girls, as well. They've done no favours to women who are assaulted in "your word against my word" situations. On top of that if, in later life, they are the victim of assault a barrister looking up their record could get a "not guilty" verdict by showing they have been known to lie.

I agree - a miserly pittance.

Men are second class citizens, law-wise.

They should lock up the horrible little beeches.

//Men are second class citizens, law-wise.//

Spot on.

Wicked.  I'd hate to be a man in today's world.

In the future their boyfriends/husbands need to get a signed statement before every consensual sex event.

bear in mind the tribunal did not make a judgement over whether the allegations were true or not - he is being paid because they were poorly investigated.

This money was not because he has been vindicated

Dreadful.  I complety agree with Nailed it above.

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Bednobs I partially agree - but given the fact the the girls admitted to lying to get rid of him - I think that its safe to draw conclusions.

Unfortunately - these girls have done more damage to women than any man could! Now women will have to fight even harder to prove that they are victims of sexual assault.

Naomi: "Wicked.  I'd hate to be a man in today's world." - It's truly terrifying you only have to annoy one horriblle little sheet and the authorities will trash your life on their behalf. I won't go anywhere near children these days, I'm even worried about spending time with my grandson.

Sorry Douglas, I see it was you that posted so I agree with you and Nailed it.  Naomi is also correct along with others.  I'd hate to be a man our culture nowadays.

Good grief...45,000? That's a laughable and insulting amount.

Of Mrs Morgan..."She didn’t interview the older students, L and M, about what they had spoken to the girls about – instead categorising it as ‘facts that had not been established’.".....the same could be said of the allegations. 

We almost sent young pasta there when we moved down here. It is...or was...considered one of the best schools in the city.

Question Author

But men are not totally innocent and also need to take their actions into acount.

it is claimed by some other girls that thse other girls said they were trying to get him fired.

which also sounds shonky to me.

I am not rrying to say anything about the veracity of the claims.

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I forgot you were down that way Pasta

//But men are not totally innocent...//


This one is.

Question Author

Your point Naomi?

It's clear enough.

RedHelen: "But men are not totally innocent and also need to take their actions into acount." - The vast majority are innocent but some children have realised that they have been given the power to destroy lives. All they have to do is accuse like in this case. The man is always guilty from the outset, life destroyed, no smoke without fire etc. Later they find it's all BS, too late, kids get off with a rollicking. Accused man's life irriversably trashed. At the very least they should protect identity until charges are brought.

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I Don't Normally Encourage The Compensation Culture But....

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