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I Just Love This One.

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gulliver1 | 14:16 Wed 01st Nov 2023 | News
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Boris Johnson said Cummings was a total and utter Liar🤣🤣🤣🤣 over Barnard Castle Trip.And he never told me he had gone to Durham during lockdown🤣🤣🤣🤣 ....When liars fall out  LOL.



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Trouble was though it cost the taxpayer "£245 000 to prove Boris was a liar . They called it misleading Parliament .  Instead of lying through his teeth to the general public.

When did he say this? Got a link?



//When did he say this? Got a link?//

Why bother asking? It's all in Gulliver's make believe fairy tales.

It's the first time I've asked gulliver for a link. Worth a try. If it proves pointless I won't bother again.

The government at that time was a shower of s§§§§e.

I don't believe a single word any of them said.

Out of all of them Cummings is the least worst. 

so here, Dominic's AB bum chum speaks, language used during his diatribes even surpassing Gully's loony ravings and rabid socialist leanings. The KC, Hugo Keith, described as 'posh and precious', even asked the specless wonder from Durham, 'you called ministers pigs, morons and a word we can't repeat - I can after what Tom Curry in the rugby was called by that tw-t of a black Bok - was that appropriate?'

DC, not wearing glasses, 'I was expressing a widespread view' - Gully's?

'And did you have to use such revolting language?'

'If anything, it understated Gully's? position.'

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I Just Love This One.

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