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Speedy Deliveries.. By Air

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Roobaba | 17:32 Sun 12th Nov 2023 | News
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Amazon pledges parcels in an hour using drone deliveries

Something to look forward to for the impatient among us!



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I suppose it depends on where you live - I'm confident not every address in the UK will ever get drone deliveries from Amazon.

Weather dependant, too.  

We live only a mile or so as the crow (or drone) flies from an Amazon depot, so we might be eligible.

What could be that urgent? Most things arrive the next day anyway.

We were early adopters of Amazon, and love the service.

During lockdown and the abdication of teachers doing their jobs, we had to get a webcam to enable teachers to pretend they were working, and I ordered one at about 9am and it was delivered by about 2pm the same day.

Fanstastic service.

So we need to look out for failing drones raining down on us now ?

I don't have a yard (but I've had no complaints yet). But how is it going to open the porch door, get inside to drop off the box, then leave closing the door as it exits ?

We have an enclosed garden that I would be happy for certain things to be delivered to but I wouldn't pay extra for it. I would have thought it would be cheaper for Amazon to use drones rather than vans, so I wouldn't expect a surcharge.

I don't have a porch.  I make sure I am home to accept deliveries and if I ordered something that was going to be delivered within the hour then that should not be a problem - if you're not at home, don't order quick delivery by drone.

I think it will 'take off' very quickly when first launched, for the novelty value.   

"The online retail giant said the service would start in one location which is yet to be revealed, at the end of 2024.

The company already offers drone deliveries in two US states for goods weighing no more than 5lbs (2.2kg).


Only one location and parcel weight will be a factor so that will restrict deliveries.


I wondered how the drone, "knows" where to leave the parcel but the link shows a marker with QR code is left in the appropriate spot for the drone to detect.

The follows that with, "But in the UK Amazon plans to use markerless delivery and enable the drones to pinpoint drop points using GPS."

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Speedy Deliveries.. By Air

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