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Amazed, But Somehow Not Surprised

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Khandro | 19:03 Sun 12th Nov 2023 | News
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How about you?

'According to a new poll, only one in three young people knows what Remembrance Day commemorates.

Over 1,000 British adults aged 16-75 were polled on which war was commemorated on Remembrance Day.

The Ipsos survey found that only 33 per cent of millennials and Gen Z, born between 1981-1996, and 1997-2012, respectively, know which event is remembered on Nov 11.

Historian and Tory peer Lord Roberts said the poll was a “damning indictment of history teaching in our schools”.



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In my day it wasn't considered far enough in the past to be taught in history lessons.

We didn't do anything in the 20th century, just boring stuff like The Thirty Years War (Defenestration of Prague!) and The Seven Years War.  Dull dull dull

Generations of trobiscite lefty teachers have brainwashed the kids into hating their own country.

We're so far down the road of people having 'their truth' that 'they' will simply have 'their commemoration' and proceed through their misguided, ill-informed lives in blissful ignorance of anything of importance.

T3, we taught what the National Curriculum prescribed we should be teaching.

The local schools were very much involved in the remembrance service here today. So were the Scouts and Brownies. Maybe it depends where you live and where the polls were taken.

Hold on, remembrance day commemorates members of the armed forces who have died in the line of duty according to the rbl so its no wonder people don't tie it to an event

Yes, my local parade was well represented by all the youth groups and schools. 

There was definitely a huge educational focus on WWI & WWII in recent years, as far as I know that was nationwide.  Celebrating a century since the end of WWII, perhaps?

There is a permanent sculpture outside my library depicting a soldier, as well as the war memorials. I don't think my area is unique 


Same as OG.  I think our history stopped with the industrial revolution. But I was  born just after the war.  My son born in 1983 was taught about both wars and went on school journeys to concentration camps, the Berlin Wall.  I hated history at school because of the way it was taught.  Son had excellent teachers who brought history to life!

In the supermarket yesterday when they did the 2 minute silence, I was surprised to see the younger people stop and the older 60th and above carry on as normal and asking for help etc. so don't bash the young and have a look at some of the older generations too.

The leftie teachers would rather waste time brainwashing them with black history innit

So there you go then. Some older people here think it's to do with ww2, so it's not just young people.   What 'event' do you associate it with khandro?

TTT - // Generations of trobiscite lefty teachers have brainwashed the kids into hating their own country. //

If you ever bother to drop your pointless ill-informed nonsense about what is taught in schools, and by whom, and actually ask any teacher, they will probably confirm their frustration that they are hog-tied by the seriously restrictive elements of the National Curricium, that prevent the proper teaching of a number of subjects, of which British History is only one.

19:03, ok then the curriculim needs correcting.

Haven't thrown conservatives had YEARS to do that?

I think that the National  curiculum was one of the worse thing that happened in schools.  Particularly in primary and junior schools.  It stifled teaching and affected pupils, particularly the very bright ones or those with special needs.

T3, perhaps you should get in touch with Gillian Keegan and suggest that.

Neither of the two world wars featured in our history lessons at school.  WWI got covered in our English Literature lessons but only because our newly-qualified teacher had done his university thesis on the WWI poets.

WW1 and WW2 didn't get a mention in my school history lessons, in fact nothing from the twentieth century.

I knew about WW2 as I was born during it, and my father was killed in it.

The National Curriculum was introduced in 1988 by the late Margaret Thatcher to impose Tory values on impressionable children.

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Amazed, But Somehow Not Surprised

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