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Surely CIS is short for Cissy ?

Ha ha OG.  I was thinking along those lines too!

As it's now fashionable to be offended, I'm going to choose to be offended if anybody refers me as 'Cis-Male' when 'Male' is just fine.

Don't see a problem personally.

In order to be a CEO of a charity do you have to be directly affected by the cause?


There is no problem Red. I agree.

Cis my April, you don't have to qualify the norm.

Of course it is aways possible I may wish to modify my earlier opinion.


Question Author

Your link has a Pay wall OG.

Interesting as it worked for me.  But it's on the front page of the BBC site 'papers' screen.

Maybe the Telegraph is one of the newspapers I opted for 3 free views, many years ago.

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Women's Endometriosis South Coast (Esc) Charity Appoints Trans Woman As Ceo.

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