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Kids Given Time Off School To Support Terrorism

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Khandro | 22:14 Thu 16th Nov 2023 | News
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What is going on indeed ?



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No chance baz, the lefty teachers will be telling them that the the nasty wasty Israel are picking on the fluffy bunny wonder terrorists.

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naomi: Strange that since you posted 11:14, having actually watched Richard Tice, how quiet the previous posters;

Atheist, (who excoriated me not only professionally but even my spirituality!) Redhelen72, Canary42 and Peter Pedant - though I'm not clear what he's saying - have been. 🙄 

@16.04.No-one knows what Peter is rambling on about Khandro.Sometimes his carer comes on and provides some lucid answers.But apart from that.

pretty sure he doesnt even know himself what hes rambling on about either...lets be honest anybody that sides with the resident troll cant be the full ticket...

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I think PP has special tolerance on here, he has some kind of learning dis type syndrome.

Will the indoctrination of British children eventually reach the levels of children in Gaza?

Tower Hamlets nativity play 2035?



... whipping up hatred between humans.

^Some of the children's television cartoons I've seen in the Middle East mirror that.

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Kids Given Time Off School To Support Terrorism

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