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R I P Joss Ackland

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Canary42 | 00:35 Mon 20th Nov 2023 | News
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Another good one lost - nice run though.



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Very sad, I liked him as an actor.

I remember going to an opticians in Covent Garden in the 80's, when you couldn't get designer frames outside London, and he was coming out as I was going in, so I figured I was in good company!

Sad. RIP.

"Diplomatic immunity!" from Lethal Weapon 2.

he was decafinated. ^

He was good in White Mischief. I liked his answer in an interview when he was asked about how he chose his roles and he just said he never turned down any job offer. 

No links, it's just something I remember reading ages ago.

I was disappointed not to find any reference in Wikipedia to a series televised in 1969 about The Canterbury Tales. I can still recall the line, something like, "I will grind your balls into a frog's turd,"

Furthermore John(ny) Dankworth wrote the jaunty music - a bit of which which I can still hum.

I'm trying to get this series into Wikipedia.

Furthermore, I heard him give a very uncanny account of some coincidental old connection between his family and the old house he moved into in Devon. Unfortuntaley I can'l recall any of the extraordinary details.

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R I P Joss Ackland

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