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Migrants Protest No Wifi

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fender62 | 18:51 Mon 20th Nov 2023 | News
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came from supposed treacherous countries, think they would be grateful, here's a thought give them wifi..monitor it ie spy on them and find out where they are from and what there really up to, maybe they do that already..



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They have no money because they brought none with them. They probably gave it all to some criminal people smugglers. 


Didn't anyone tell them that there is WiFi in France ?

It's laughable isn't it?

They leave some backward toilet in some godforsaken sihthole somewhere, trek to a dangerous country like France, risk a treacherous channel crossing, and then whine they can't access You Tube on their phones when they arrive.

And they don't enough sugar for their tea.

I'm sure it won't be long before the Charities Commission approves a new charity for "WiFi and Sugar for illegals".


Parasites everyone of them,too lazy to work and make a living in their own country so come here to live off others hard work.

Blimey fripfrip, the pearl clutching hand wringers on this site will have a field day with your post.

I like Fenders idea

Excellent idea, Fender.

And that is exactly what they will do Fender.  Despite some on here sniggering the authorities do monitor Social Media (its one of the biggest sources of intel these days) for subversives and they do keep files on people.

We all should be careful of what we say and do.  

Is it possible to wring the hands while clutching ones pearls?

Could have a nasty accident.

And a high voice Douglas.

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Migrants Protest No Wifi

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