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Boris May March But Tommy Not

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Khandro | 14:56 Sun 26th Nov 2023 | News
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Does it not seem outlandish that Robinson was taken out of the anti-Semitism march by the police?



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//Still loved by some though// Love doesn't enter into it.  What he's been saying for years is right and he's still being pilloried for it - and this time banned from London for turning up at a march in support of terrified Jews.  How can that be right?  How anyone can condone the way he's being treated in a supposedly free and just country is beyond me.
08:48 Wed 29th Nov 2023

Nothing the police do strikes me as outlandish anymore.

Question Author

Tommy's credentials for being on the side of the Jews, not the Islamists, are well proven & better even than Boris Johnson's - he's even been jailed for them. He briefly joined the rally on the 11th because it was ostensibly to 'stop the war'. When he saw it was attracting Islamist elements who wanted the war to stop in order to advantage Hamas, he left.


No, I don't think it's outlandish.

It's incredibly important at the moment to quell the growing anti-Jew movement in the UK, which is being fuelled by the "pro-Palestinian" marches, which (despite what people say) are fundamentally are anti-Jew marches.

TR is a professional agigator and I don't want this cove to deflect from the importance of supporting Jewish people.

What is outlandish about not letting Tommy Robinson march?

Question Author

Deskdiary; I think you've got the wrong end of the stick, this is an antisemitism march, i.e. pro-Jewish.

All Tommy Robinson does is for self publicity and to stir up aggro

Khandro; yes, but it's anti-antisemitism!

They say prevention is better than cure.

Tommy Robinson had a heated exchange with the police?  Was that because they didn't want him there?  If so, it wasn't right to stop him marching just because he is who he is.  There are far more dangerous people than him marching  every time for the Palestinian cause.  I'm pleased to see people standing up for the Jews and to see Boris standing up and being counted.

I haven't Khandro.

My point is I don't want somebody like TR to be on a march supporting Jewish people because the issue of anti-Jew hate in the UK is far too important and TR will be a side-show, and worse the anti-Jew marchers will be able to point out TR and say this is the type of person who supports the Jews.

Plus, simply, I don't like him.

But Deakdiary, like him or loathe him, as a free British citizen he shouldn't be prevented from marching simply because he is who he is.  That can't be right.

I agree with the fundamental point Naomi that nobody should should be stopped from marching, my point is because TR is far right (a phrase I hate, but pertinent as far as TR is concerned) it will deflect from the more important point of supporting the Jews against the many many Jew-haters in the pro-Palestine marchers.

Tommy Robinson is 'far right', Nazis are 'far right' - and there's Tommy marching in support of Jews.  Weird.


i don't think Tommy is far anything realit - he just recognised years ago what is happening in this country - and said it.   His coarse methods make him his own worst enemy - but he's still right in what he says and always has been. 

Not realit - really.

Actually I think it takes courage to do what Tommy Robinson does.  He knows his card is marked before he starts but nevertheless he stands up for what he believes in.

Yes he does.

AH's views will no doubt differ.

Question Author

You have an amazing series of deductions there DD. Nothing Tommy Robison has ever said with which I personally disagree & if I were in London I'd probably be joing them. He has as much right to his opinions as you, & if T.R. is in your view a "side-show", why isn't Boris when they both have equal revulsion to anti-Semitism? 

No, plod has got it wrong again. If they take people out of protest marches on the sole basis that they 'don't like them', where will that end?

On the other stop the war march, which rapidly became pro-Hamas, why did they do nothing about the hate banners which were everywhere present & bandied about?


My point is, which I assume haven't made well, is that I don't want TR supporting the Jews (even though he might) because the Left and the Jew-haters will use his support, and they're usually the same, as a reason to rubbish those of us who do support the Jews.

I'm a firm believer that those who march in support of Palestine also march because they don't like Jews - they say there's a difference but their really isn't - and I don't want the likes of TR to deflect from this very important point.

"'m a firm believer that those who march in support of Palestine also march because they don't like Jews'

that is the case for the vast majority of them but who wont admit it but are anti-semitic...but now theyve shown their true colours

From the BBC, "English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson - who was asked not to attend by organisers - was removed by police."

He wasn't welcome there.

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Boris May March But Tommy Not

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