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I Just Don't Get It Do You

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nicebloke1 | 14:18 Sun 26th Nov 2023 | News
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This year Royal mail got fined a wopping 5.6 million for failing to meet first and second class delivery targets. The regulater said it had caused considerable harm to its customers.

Ok, so I've just seen that RM are now looking to increase first and second class stamps by around 25% and who knows what else they have in mind.

My question would now be, who's really going to  be paying the fine? well it looks very much like the public with the increases that RM have in mind. It appears that the regulater has caused more considerable harm to customer, have they not?

My other question is, RM is a business is it not, but they appear to be the only business in my mind that gets fined for inflicting considerable harm to its customer, (as the regulater puts it) There are many big companies that inflict such harm on their customers British Gas springs to mind, also the RAC, the AA,the latter three just a small example. No such action that I see is ever taken to correct their poor services. Any thoughts? or am I wrong in any way in my thoughts? Oh, where does the 5.6 million go too?



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Royal Mail should have competition .

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Ann, competition normally helps keep compaines on their toes and  put more effort into looking after the customes they have, and hope to get. But I've seen other big businesses who have competition continue to treat customers in much the same way as the regulator accuses RM of. The 5.6 million should go back to the customer, instead, who knows? does anyone know?

Most people use e-mails nowadays,nicey.The next time the posties go on strike,the Royal Mail should just call their bluff.

Ofcom fines are paid to the Office of HM
Paymaster General (OPG).


How would you propose dishing out the £5.6 million payment amongst all of Royal Mail's customers?


Would it be per customer or per postal item and how much would it cost to administer?

There will never be competition for RM letter delivery service.  Not enough profit in it

Having said that I used to get a fair bit of UK Mail but not since before Covid

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^^ auto discount over the counter on a book of stamps you buy. Easy supermarkets dont have a problem giving discounts on products they sell.

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^^ to 15.39

"auto discount over the counter on a book of stamps you buy."

How much discount per book of stamps? 

Not a bad service all on all.

How else can you get an item from almost anywhere in the country to almost anywhere within our borders for a pound?

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However much it takes to reach 5.6 million over x amount of time. I'm sure the regulater can count, even if the post office find it difficult .Counting in tens shouldn't be to difficult.

I’m thinking of setting myself up as some regulator (based in the Bahamas), fining all UK companies (under my remit) for the poor service they provide.

you could call yourself OffEff, Hymie.

I dont know about OffEff,but quite a lot of people on AB have been saying EffOff to Hymie lately.

Hi nice bloke

Hi mee - I wish people wd be more polite to you. Luckily Ynnie doesnt understand what I write ( Ay doooont ken you know)

recent case - Man appeals successfully against parking mega fine because the first one never arrived ( pay now and pay £40).judge for th first time agrees

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