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Those interested in the real benefits of Brexit (and those who promote nonsense such as that in this thread and who still think it’s bad idea) should have a read of this:

Predominantly driven by pressure from Berlin and Paris, the European Union is moving at speed to undergo the most dramatic systemic transformation since its inception. It’s about to centralize power in a way that will change the bloc’s very nature, impacting the Continent’s politics and economics.
The changes currently under consideration would transform the EU from a confederation of sovereign countries into a unitary federal entity, with its central government presiding over partially self-governing nation states. And the key argument put forward by proponents of this is that without it, the bloc’s planned enlargement would soon render it ungovernable.

These proposed treaty revisions rest on three fundamental changes: the introduction of majority voting; the elimination of the veto by individual member countries, which will end the principle of unanimity; and limiting the number of EU commissioners.

If implemented, these changes will radically realign power in the EU, concentrating it in Berlin and Paris, as the largest countries will essentially be able to impose their wills on the bloc at large.

Never mind. So long as we can get onto the Eurostar without having your passport stamped and you can send a parcel to the EU without filling in a form. Well worth having your country subsumed into a federal state dominated by France and Germany.

These are the very developments that opponents of the EU warned of. They were told not to be so silly. Well once these changes are implemented, we'll see who were the silly ones.

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No, I’m not Phil – I’m not even Phil’s mate.

I only used that moniker after another ABer referred to him as my mate.

Nor am I, however I do watch the videos.. many people do.

For those interested, they are..

A Different Bias (Phil Moorhouse)
179K subscribers

Maximilien Robespierre
162K subscribers

I'm not a subscriber, I subscribe to NO channels, ever.

Someone I do know and recommend, my mate Graham..

Graham Simpson (@grahambsi on - X formerly Twitter)


//Graham Simpson (@grahambsi on - X formerly Twitter)//


I looked him up.  Now filed under 'losers' with Hymie's mate Phil.

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Yet Another Brexit Benefit – They Just Keep Coming

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