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R I P Brigit

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Canary42 | 23:24 Fri 01st Dec 2023 | News
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Yet another one gone - I remember her well in Likely Lads as Thelma. Not very old either. As has been raised elsewhere, why do so many pop off at Christmastime ?



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83 is very old. A good innings as they say.

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I shall be 83 next year ! ! ! ! ! (if I make it)

Of course you will make it Canary42 and much more. Father in law made 88. Aunt 93.

83 is the current life expectancy for UK women.  She loved acting and I'm sure Still Open All Hours gave her a zest for life, she certainly was never a frail old lady.  

I did not know who she was but there have been a flurry of deaths over the past couple of days, including John Byrne who was previously in a long term relationship with Tilda swinton

I have no idea how that link came about - here is the correct one (I hope)

Are they avoiding yet another Christmas?

Asking for a friend,,

ozzy - it's a long way on a one-way ticket to Zurich from Oz and the friend may well have to fly into Geneva....and probably not cheap either.

"I did not know who she was..."

What? Never heard of Thelma???

My Aunt has just died aged 96,  my mum  was 89, my grandad 90 and my other aunt in Australia 97.  I think and hope I will 


RIP 'Thelma'





I think and hope I don't reach 80.  

RIP Thelma. My dad lived to 95 and I have every intention of following him!!

Aww, she was good in The Likely Lads. Always watched this. She always looked good for her age. RIP Brigit.


If I was in good health I would like to live a long life.  

Aww, Countrylover, I wish I could wave a magic wand for you..

Thank you Patsy x❤

 Barry//83 is the current life expectancy for UK women. // 

Wow, I didn't know that. 

My aims in life; to be a wife. Done that.

To be a mother. Done that.

To be a Grandmother. Done that.

To be a Great-grandmother. Mmmm Not sure about that, I may have to live longer than 83.

Oh sorry, I forgot to say R.I.P. Brigit, I never thought of her being that age.

I watched her in The Likely Lads and Open All Hours.

Good actress.


"Aww, she was good in The Likely Lads."

"I watched her in The Likely Lads..." 

Just for completeness, she did not appear in the TV series of that name.

"The Likely Lads" ran for 20 episodes over three series from 1964-66. Although her character (Thelma Chambers) was mentioned in the final episode (she had dated Bob Ferris but had dropped him) she did not appear.

Her first appearance came in the opening episode of "Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads" in January 1973. When the story begins, she and Bob had been reunited and were engaged. "Whatever Happened.." ran for two series of 13 episodes each plus a Christmas Special in 1973-74, with Brigit, as Thelma Ferris (nee Chambers), appearing in 21 of them.

However, Thelma did feature in the cinema spinoff to "Whatever Happened.." which was entitled simply "The Likely Lads" and this was released in 1976.

I would get out more but I've been too busy watching my box sets of The Likely Lads and Whatever Happened To Them.

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R I P Brigit

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