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Did Someone Mention Ukraine?

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ichkeria | 15:27 Tue 05th Dec 2023 | News
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The Kerch bridge was still cloised as of v recently. Probably as a precaution.

In the war generally Ukrainian forces are struggling to contain russian infantry attacks in the north and around Avdiivka. In the south, the bridgehead held south of the Dnipro towards the village of Krynky continues to be held, despite Ukrainians being vastly outnumbered there. This and Avdiivka is what in contributing mostly to russia's huge personnel losses: 1000 per day for weeks now.

Overall then, the situation is tough, but klongerm the outlook for Ukraine is positive. The US aid will get through Congree, albeit shamfully late, according to Republican sources, and Ukraine defence industry production is really ramping up now.

To date the expected attacks on Ukraine's power infrastructure has not been repeated: either due to lack of availablility of missiles, or maybe a change of tactic: lie low and not do anything outrageous and hope people will forget about the war crimes.




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You do realise this Hamas terrorists war against the Jewish people was started by Putin(and the Iranians)to take the heat out of Putins failed war against the Ukrainian people?

YNNAFYMMI, with such political awareness, I am struggling to understand why you're processing fish and not advising the Foreign Secretary...


Question Author

So you keep saying: no doubt the Russians back Hamas: one death cult supporting another. In actual fact I'm not sure that materially the war around Gaza has had much effect on the war in Ukraine. It's true that the US HoR is holding up the Ukraine aid package, but that would probably have happened anyway.

Question Author

My reply was to the first answer.

Ynna, I don't understand why you keep saying that.  Can you explain how it works please?

@17.08.Certainly,Naomi.Putin needed to take the heat out of his failed war in the Ukraine.What better way than starting a new war in the Middle East backed by his friends in [email protected] this space,old boy,watch this space.

How did he do that, ynna?  Is that your idea or have you read it somewhere? 

Never heard of"deflection tactics",Naomi.

Yes but that doesn't answer the question.

Putins failed war against the Ukraine is going badly wrong,Naomi.His friends in Iran control the Hamas terrorists,what better way to deflect from Russias failed war than to start a new war in the Middle East.All has been fairly quiet there for the past ten years.

Question Author

Yes I think everyone can see the reasoning, it's evidence that is missing, although I have seen a couple of snippets of intelligence that suggest some sort of connivance. Like I say, though I am not sure, if that was the case, that it is working very well.

OH & I had the same thought, Ickeria.  Divert attention and aid etc..  But as you say, evidence is lacking.  Iread that the Ukranian army is making it difficult for donations to get through, esp. RHD vehicles.  Do you know if that is so?  If so it seems very cack-handed.

I have no idea if Putin had a hand in acting as a catalyst for the Hamas attack, but it is not beyond neighbouring nations in the area who align with the Russian superpower in preference to the West to agree to supply Hamas as a favour. Hopefully time will clarify.

Question Author

"Iread that the Ukranian army is making it difficult for donations to get through, esp. RHD vehicles. "

I hadn't heard that. I do know that there are problems on the border with Hungary, Slovakia and Poland with delays to trucks. This happened while I was away, and 've not really got my head around the actual cause of it. although it seems humnaitarian aid is unaffected.

The key thing to take from this is that Russia is still fighting because it thinks that it can outlast the west's determination to continue supporting Ukraine. Every indication that that might be the case gives Putin hope. We just have to hope that it is the hope that kills him :-). Ultimately Russia will lose, although I agree that at the moment that seems a long way off.

Got my doubts.  

Hi Itch - thanks for this. My torrid comments about dead babies in Gaza and Ukraine war - no mention of......were all  ironic

AB ( AB mods esp) dont really DO irony

Zelensky has a money problem - in the US - doesnt he?

Certainly,Naomi.Putin needed to take the heat out of his failed war in the Ukraine.What better way than starting a new war...

read any newspaper... all over them

Take the heat off Ukraine by - -  fanning the flames of war in the middle east.

easy peasy

id like to know where hamas got all that concrete to build so many tunnels, egypt has a lot of sand for sure, didn't anyone notice all the concrete lorries coming in or bags of it.

Hamas was given the cement by the EU and to a certain extent the UK.t was supposed to be an aid package to build new infrastructure. Ironically  the heath robinson rockets that are definitely lethal,if not guided, are made in the tunnels from irrigation piping also sent by the EU and UK.

retrocop, thanks didn't know that..

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