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Baroness Mone.

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gulliver1 | 19:50 Thu 21st Dec 2023 | News
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Maybe Baroness Mone ...was influenced by the Abba girls singing "Money Money Money" ...."In my dreams I have a plan if I can get a wealthy man"... ( she did..the Taxpayer).".Then I wouldn't have to work at all. I'd fool around and have a ball.

...She did.....Now lets get this Tory cheat locked up ..Which will never happen of course.



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I thought you'd gone quiet- only a handful of threads on her this week from you. Maybe it's better to wait until the result of the civil law suit and criminal investigation. 

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hes a sad obsessed loser

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I Wonder what Mone did please... "Call me Dave".. To encourage him to promote her to the HOL.

she was a successful business leddy and the govt thought they needed more with business experience

and SHE as a good business leddy thought it was an excellent opportunity and the rest is History

It's the Name of the Game

According to my mate Phil, Michelle Mone does not intend to go down without taking the Tory government with her.

Maybe she can get the government to lean on the National Crime Agency to drop the investigation into Medpro.


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Hymie 09.35 Have to agree with you  .Mone is going to take a few Tory liars down with her .Gove and Sunak are acting as if they new nothing about this ..(Yet another Tory Fraud.)

Who gave the go ahead for this Deal ? .

What about Boris gully? You've dropped him like stone for this new object of your affections. Have a heart!

 Maybe it's better to wait until the result of the civil law suit and criminal investigation. 

waiting is so that any jury is not er influenced by AB thoughts. No jury ( all civil and most criminal) then blaaart away

even when there is no case ( runaway in France who ran home) they plead for no speculation to allow the little fella peace

- even tho todays news - he LIED !  tothe extent his grandad may live on !

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....................."When Thieves fall out".........................

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Why wait for the result of this inquiry ? When It's a certain bet all involved will be found not Guilty ...After all they are all members of...... The Con Crony Club.

I think he is holding Boris in reserve for a lean day

you say - he has put Boris in the pigs mouth....( rather than deep freeze or larder)

Boris did at least apologise at the Covid inquiry; he said:-

I’m sorry.

I don’t remember.

I’m sorry, I don’t remember.

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Baroness Mone.

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