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Con Crackdown .

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gulliver1 | 20:27 Mon 20th May 2024 | News
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The Cons have now started to look into peoples bank accounts to stop fraud when claiming benefits etc.How about looking into the bank accounts of Michelle Mone and her husband first then Richi....You might find just an odd £29 million in an offshore bank account in Baroness Mone's name.



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Nobody can be this daft and obsessed. Keep up the pretence though... it's funny.


Question Author

But of course the Cons would sooner Rob the poor to pay the Rich. Wouldn't they ?

You've put this nonsense in the news category by mistake.

o god I hate writing - "you got a URL for that?" - if there is fraud alleged you must expect your bank statement to be first stop

( NOT  done in Post Office - yes yes I know there is someone here who goes ape-foop crazy when I say that) - so they never looked for loss and wdnt have found  it.

I dont see this is  a big deal

BUT Leddy Mone - it was  a her hudband what had done it  ('make a profit: it is what business men do.')  and froo a ltd co

so the analogy doesnt really run

why are they sooooooo rude to you?

they see you as some sort of Jeremiah?

Question Author

Peter 12.27 "why are they sooooooo rude to you? " Because I keep hitting them with the truth Peter .And they don't like it up em.OK.

Question Author

Wonder if the Con Fraud Squad have access to their own Tory MPs bank accounts. Because that's  where you will find most fraudulent transactions.

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Con Crackdown .

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