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Another Brexit Benefit, Frog Bikes Hailed A Success By The Uk Government

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Hymie | 08:37 Mon 01st Jan 2024 | News
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With successes like this, who needs failures?





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Who on earth is that bumbling old duffer, Hymie?  God, you do come up with some tripe!

It's pity he's got nowt better to do (Hymie that is, not the old duffer)

He could do some voluntary work or go out picking litter.

Hymie's last thread about Champagne bottles and the link he put on was actually a link from the Daily Mail saying how we should all get behind Brexit and make it work.  But when pointed out will not come back with an answer.

-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --

Hymie, though valued as your opinions aren’t, you persist in presenting a personalised preposterous political point intent on pursuing or persuading people. That’s a lot of Ps.

Please P off, there’s a good fellow.

You upsetting The Radicalised again Hymie .Looks like you have upset one eejit at least ...

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Another Brexit Benefit, Frog Bikes Hailed A Success By The Uk Government

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