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Drunks On Nye

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smurfchops | 19:20 Sun 31st Dec 2023 | News
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Should the ambulance service be called out for drunks lying in the kerb or should someone just pour a bucket of cold water over them?



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For Nye read NYE...  sorry guys

If your son or husband or daughter got drunk and was lying in the gutter, would you be happy to see them doused in cold water and left to freeze? People who provide medical care and assistance are not the types who would do that.

Perhaps they should bring in the drunk tank for a couple of nights a year.

leaving anyone in the gutter leaves them at risk to all sorts of abuse 

What if the person wasn't drunk but was actually epileptic or diabetic and passed out?

I think the bucket has a higher mortality

o god NYE is a time and not a place - oh Gawd ! - or a person ( as in Bevan)

I am not a finker like SMurfie

Drunks do not belong in ambulances.We had an understanding with the LAS. They called us out to a collapse and if the medics ascertained they were not ill or dying we put them in the black Maria.A drunk puking up in an ambulance takes that emergency vehicle out of action for hours whilst the crew have to sanitise the vehicle for real emergencys.Always easier to hose down the police van and throw them in the drunk cell.

Why not just douse them in petrol and set fire to them smurf? What a lovely christian streak you have.

When I ran a railway station, we had plenty of people arrive on the last trains on Friday and Saturday nights who were either semi-conscious or totally unconscious through drink.  It would have been ridiculous to call an ambulance to every one of them.

All I did was to drag them along the platform, through the booking hall and out onto the paved area outside.  I'd then place them into the recovery position, ensuring that they were in an area covered by a security camera.  Having then locked the station up, I'd call the police non-emergency number to let them know that I'd just left an unconscious person outside the station.  It was a regular occurrence!

Did you have Tri-ang or Hornby Dublo, Chris ?

I had a much bigger train set to play with, JR66 ðŸ˜Š

HaHa ðŸ˜‚

it's sad but happens, if it were my son or daughter like that, id expect the best, ie ambulance..and im sure everyone with children would wish the same, and gran children...not nice but it happens no matter how well you raise them.

Blimey  Tiny Tory Twit just said exactly what I was thinking about  setting light to them 😀 

Ambulances are for 'accidents' and 'emergencies'

No one old enough to drink alcohol should be entertained in an emergency vehicle.They should no better. Getting possed is irresponsible and they shouldn't rely on transport to an A&E bed for the night.If they are possed then a police cell will suffice. They are even given a effing breakfast for christ sake

DONEY . Not yet ðŸĪŠ

typo. They should 'know' better.

I like it, ToraToraTora!

Put your hand up if you have never been falling over drunk.

I haven't been out on NYE for years well not later on, I'm normally home by 9. It's basically amateur night. Every numpty that normally hardly ever has a drink goes out and get's trollied and causes trouble. No thanks

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Drunks On Nye

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