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That's been doing the rounds for at least a year.

I don't believe it

There was a similar story a while back: I'm not sure I believe it either much as I'd like to: it doesn't say where it is and I'm not sure the drink excuse is very strong. I'd want the ruddy people off my drive asap with a few choice words 

Question Author

Must be true it's in the Express!

Very nice! I'll remember that for possible future use.

Couple of things came to mind wile reading your link, TTT.

Firstly, wonder what the resident would have done had the driver of the car parked in his driveway been a 6'4" built-like-a-brick-outhouse-hairy-***-bloke?

Secondly, wouldn't the police have offered to drive the guy's car a few yards, allowing the woman to get her car out (after breathalyzing her - been to a party) then park the car safely in the guy's driveway? Just to keep the peace, so to speak.

The kiddie-on poster was parked on his/her kiddie-on drive so I doubt the kiddie-on police would have been interested.

Is this what passes for journalism in the UK?

A rewrite of a post on Reddit which doesn't name anyone and may not even be in the British Isles.

The Daily Express charges 70p for this rehash of a free forum site.

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Question Author

15:13 firstly, doesn't matter who he is if he tries anything it'll be an assualt so he's in more sheet with plod.

Secondly, no I think plod will assess the situation and conclude that parking on someone's drive is the height of dipstickery and not get involved.

IF it's true, it was very mean spirited on behalf of the home owner. They should be ashamed.

It's not true.  The homeowner would be advised that parking on his drive is trespass, a civil matter of no interest to them, and would tell the homeowner to allow the other party to get off his drive to prevent a breach of the peace.

I actually don't believe it. 

This story was doing the rounds a few years ago and I thought it had been debunked then


why do people spend so much time being crappy to each other?

and I dont mean only on AB ! ter daah !

not being able to drive - see other posts - I INVITE people to park on my little drive

( empty house is less likely to  be burgled....)

Just do what my wife once did: smear the car door handles with fish sauce ...

Question Author

07:47 so you are quite happy for strangers to park in your drive then Dave? Right oh!

Our driveway is large enough for two cars: if people asked us we would be welcome to share. But instead they block by occupying the dropped kerb. 

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