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Why Was The Post Office Chairman (Henry Staunton) Sacked By The Trade Secretary?

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Hymie | 15:16 Sun 28th Jan 2024 | News
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After all, he was not working for the Post Office during the Horizon scandal years (only being appointed in December 2022).


Although in her interview on the Laura Kuenssberg TV programme, Kemi Badenoch did not reveal the whole story – there is much speculation that he was sacked because he is still pedalling the lie (within the Post Office) that many of those prosecuted in the Horizon scandal were guilty; and so had to go.

Anyone know if this is actually the case?



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Speculation, no evidence as far as I can see.

But shooting the messenger is nothing new.



The fragrant Kemi was good value on Kuenssberg this morning.


Yes, I'm joking, just another mouth on a stick trotting out the party line.

Why he 'had' to go I don't know but I doubt he'll suffer too much when it all shakes out.

Apologies in advance to Paul McCartney;


Why he had to go, i don't know

She didn't say

He may have said something wrong

Now he longs for yesterday

Question Author

Me wanting to keep this scandal in the public eye – Sunak has incorrectly stated that miscarriage victims (of the Horizon scandal) could already receive interim payments of £600,000; this is not so – the offer of £600,000 is in full and final settlement.


I said many moons ago I’d be looking at a minimum of £1,000,000 – many who have lost their livelihood, home and were jailed deserve many times this, but don’t hold your breath expecting them to receive any compensation anytime soon.

I think I read (not sure) that he was opposing the election of people Kemi etc wanted on the board.

Kemi seems clear that she pushed him rather than he fell onto his sword.

Why she did that now, I can't say. Maybe it was something about being embarrassed by a recent docu-drama ...

I was baffled by this as well. He only got the job in December 2022, years if not decades after the worst of the scandal. It may be that he did or said something really disgraceful in that year-and-a-bit, or maybe Badenoch is just trying to look responsive and proactive and never mind who she sticks the knife into.

Maybe they wanted to start again with a clean slate. He wasn't sacked, he was asked to leave. 


As in, I'm asking you to leave and if you don't, I'll sack you?


Probably.  Jump before you are pushed.  If you are asked to leave you tend to keep your retirement perks etc. 

Question Author

In relation to paying compensation to the Post Office victims, in this BBC article Badenoch apparently said ‘we couldn't move any faster than we already have been’.


Strange then the speed with which the government paid Mone & her husband over £200 million for dodgy PPE.

Shoehorn klaxon

> we couldn't move any faster than we already have been

Demonstrably nonsense. The docu-drama has set fire to people's backsides ... without it, the compensation calendar would still be glacial.

They probably just didn't like each other. I don't know anything about him but she seems like a my way or the highway kind of person.

there is much speculation that he was sacked because he is still pedalling the lie (within the Post Office) that many of those prosecuted in the Horizon scandal were guilty;

the court of appeal have also raised the issue ( they did it)

so that is reason 1 - and  my family has found the. live stream of the oral testimony absolutely compulsive. The issue is - ( bully steven Bradshaw was strong on this) =Horison goes barpy-barpy.  and show a non balance of say £1850

and the clerk makes false entries of £1850 to make it balance. And when told this was false accounting, the clerks all ( bar Mr Bates) said 'yes'. 

Thing is: was there dishonesty in the false entries? ( no dishonesty then no false accounting contrary to s17 Theft Act).

I think there was an intention to deceive - ( that the  balance er balanced when it didnt) - but SOME lawyers say not.

Reason 2 is that the authorities ( You know the govt is footing the bill for all this - total probz £ 1bn - yup £1000m) have been slow to compensate the victims

and very fast to pay themselves bonuses

( I think this is the one: think General Election)

Reason 3 - EVERYONE on the tribunal says - "not me mate, I dont recall and also it was before my time"

and the lawyer after ten mins of cack, says -"can we now have POL triple zero - ....." and the witness of the moment isf ound to have signed a memo " god Horizon is a loadda, cack but we cant say because we wd have to disclose and we cant do THAT".


and when the Head started on the -" well  of course minister this is all before my time , and drawing the strands together will take another two years at least..."

she reached into her handbag, drew a pistol and shot him

You know Chieveleys? Blackpool - the very first case ?

The husband owns the  site and will not allow the PO technicians to remove the keyboard - and insists that he wont.... until there is negotiation on other matters including the  deficits.....

and WE now  know they cant get the faulty keyboard and destroy the evidence hem hem....and then swear it is perfect hem hem hem.

and they settle out of court for £187 000


Badenoch is it seems a member of the Evil Plotters Tory WhatsApp group, urging people not to replace Sunak while surreptitiously lining herself up for the job.

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Why Was The Post Office Chairman (Henry Staunton) Sacked By The Trade Secretary?

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