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davebro3 | 08:40 Sun 28th Jan 2024 | News
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Why is this witch strutting her stuff in the UK again. Surely there are more serious "climate change offenders" she could target?



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Might get locked in a small dark room if she went to China or India. And forgotten about.



How nasty are you? What a horrible way to describe a young woman.

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Maybe she go to Russia and protest there

Wow! Talk about reinforce my point. Bravo!

Dave, wake up and smell the coffee!

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Question Author

//Dave, wake up and smell the coffee!//


What The Funicular is that about!

What a disgusting way to refer to a young woman or any woman!

go target them yourself instead of demanding that someone else do it for you? Or would that involve work rather than typing?

I have asked this many times, I'll have more respect for the witch and her brainless followers when they are glueing themselves to the road in Beijing. If UK had Zero emmissions, not "net" zero, it would make zero difference. UK is one of the worlds top climate change responders. We have hammered our own economy for a generation on this pointless pursuit yet these morons want more. MAABOF.

funny how those above seem to want to attack the messenger rather than having a go at the the very valid point being made. .....and "witch" is apt.

Says more about the people that think it's acceptable to call her a with and a b**** that it does about the young woman 

so no comment on the main point then helen? right oh!

 O I don't debate with Ben who bully women

well you don't debate anyway love.

I'm not a fan of GT particularly but the OP is out of order. When you ask a question in such a manner  are inevitably going to get some strong replies: and quite right. 

She's old enough to get a job now.

Davebro3 if you want to continue posting, moderate your language.

Presumably because it's easier to have a go at those doing relatively well than it is to preach to those who aren't that interested in anything other than what gives them an edge here & now.

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