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ichkeria | 12:23 Tue 30th Jan 2024 | News
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Is this too good to be true?

No paper checks on goods between NI and GB? Billions of pounds for NI?

Above all the restoration of devolution and historically the first ever nationalist government leader for N Ireland



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Let's not forget that NI will be governed again from as early as the weekend by one party that has used political blackmail for nearly two years, and another (the largest party) which when the vote on this legislation is hopefully taken later this week, will as usual be skulking at home. Both parties abuse democracy for their own ends: so while they are the top two parties now it would be great if some time in the near future the people of NI sent them both a clear message next time.

It could be that easy if the EU weren't so keen on punishing the leaver nation. It's that which has prevented it occurring and that which caused an internal UK barrier, and the attempt to apparently abandon NI to the EU and the RoI.


Westminster has the option to trigger renegotiation, or even point out they could choose to pull out of the unfair biased agreement, but instead they just try to push legitimate objections to one side. If this new arrangement turns out to be what we fear it may be (and why else would the details still be secret ?) then the NI loyalists will have been betrayed by one of their own parties.

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