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They Just Can't Help It Can They.

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gulliver1 | 13:23 Thu 01st Feb 2024 | News
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Douglas Barrowman ..Husband of..... Scandal-embroiled .TORY... Baroness Michelle Mone appears in Court in Spain on a

£6 million Tax evasion charge and is facing a five and half years jail sentence if he's found guilty.




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Looks like he find out what bread and water tastes like. :0)

I would think gully when these two are jailed and the cons lose the GE, Harrods turn over will take a dive in the Champagne and caviar department. They won't even have the fun of the pint bottle to open. :0))))

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What a great pity t

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What a great pity the Uk came out of the EU.. Then maybe this trial would have been transferred to the UK.. And then with Barrowman being a Tory Party donater and his wife being a Tory peer .He would have got away with a slapped wrist and all the costs awarded to the UK taxpayer.

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If Barrowman is jailed for five and a half years in Spain, which is highly likely. Then Baroness Mone will have  to take the rap for the £200 mil

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Fraud case in the UK ...on her own.

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I thought Brits were ony allowed to stay in Spain for 90 days since Brexit.....Bet Barrow man hopes so.🤣

Why is TTT not on this thread, extolling the virtues of the crooked Tories and their ill-gotten gains (the politics of envy).

Been filling the jag up with fuel and oil.:0)

, these two will not go to jail. Why,? They have the cash to pay for the very best in the legal profession., and they have influential friends Who, ? The tories.

Ann I shouldnt bank on it, Chislaine Maxwell got slammed up. The PPE rubbish they supplied ripped the tax payer off for 200 million. Something has to be seen, to be done.

True, but they were not lord/ lady. That's the difference .

Maybe he could buy some shirts in a larger size as well...

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Smurfchops 11,03 Bet Barrowman would give the shirt off his back to get away with this one..

19.38 Well government don't seem to bothered about bringing charges, lord or lady or not? But eh, it could just be another smoke screen by government, after all they are experts at kicking the ball into the long grass in the hope it will deflate sooner or later.

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They Just Can't Help It Can They.

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