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L I N O ..... T I N O ?

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ToraToraTora | 16:02 Thu 01st Feb 2024 | News
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Basically Labour are becomming the Tories. Not surprising, real Labour last won in 1973. I wonder if the Reds under the bed will stay quiet long enough for "Labour" to get into power.

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Canary, read the news me old china, last week they promised to not cap bankers bonuses, this week no hike in corp tax. The public are not being offered anything different. Labour are basically saying please elect us and BTW we won't change anything. Now I may be a Tory but I put democracy and the public choice above that. "Labour" should be honest with themselves and the voters. Either they mean all the promises or they are just rhetoric to get through the door because they know they may not get in if they say what their real policies are.

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Are the Labour voters on here happy that Labour are mirroring the Tories? Why would anyone vote for the fake Tories when they could have the real ones?

Canary - summary of the posts so far:

foo foo dang dang

But you knew that from the title - LINO what on earth is that meant to mean?

Labour in name only, or a cover-up, linoleum


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Two cheeks of the same backside, as I have been saying for months or even longer.

It's hardly trolling Canary.

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bang on YMB, The Tories have stopped Torying, Labour have stopped Labouring and they both seem to have rendered down to a sort of insipid non descript dripping with no actual beliefs beyond those prescribed by the modern fascists.

The right on liberals (not even proper liberals) were unable to get in on their own so they have infiltrated the two main Partys. Seems to have happened in the US so I suppose another dreadful import from there.

A liflelong labour voter who is a very good mate is in dispair just like me. No Party to vote for.

// what's the difference? //

One's a bit more right wing than the other.

People that want something more extreme can always vote for someone that's got no chance of winning, such as reform UK or whatever party Corbyn might start.

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Think  I know what TTT means with "LINO and TINO"

LINO means..Labour..IN..Office...TINO means Tories ..IN..Opposition.


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L I N O ..... T I N O ?

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