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Rule Britannia, Etc.

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douglas9401 | 22:55 Sun 11th Feb 2024 | News
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Striking fear in the hearts of our enemies?



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Yo Ho Ho. 

There hasn't been Rum ration for many years. Do catch up...

Doesn't stop the crew or RN taking it. There has never been a Gin ration either but the Admirals dinner table wouldn't be without it. Has to go on last cos it is the first thing they need. Chin chin. 

You've obviously had experience in boating Togo as your talking rowlocks.

Just Boris on board,  and they can all have a Party that never happened.

....Hand on Heart...Gov..🤣

"Ratings below petty officer will get no spirits on board. Chief petty officers and petty officers will be allowed to buy commercial spirits in their bars on board ships in quantities which will provide an average daily amount equal to 1/8th pint per man."


and if you believe that etc. 

21 to 26 of 26rss feed

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Rule Britannia, Etc.

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