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You Have To Laugh

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Hopkirk | 23:52 Sun 11th Feb 2024 | News
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The police are searching the Thames for the body of the chemical attack man.

They have found two bodies.

Neither of them are him.



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It's a pair, cop.
00:59 Mon 12th Feb 2024

i dont get this - is it a joke?

And that makes you laugh?

Why do we haveto laugh Hoppy?  I expect there are quite a few more

Black humour. Two bodies have been found so far, neither of which are the suspect ...


it says they weren't found as the result of the search for Ezedi. Might have just been routine patrols, I suppose that's what the river police do.

It's a pair, cop.

I think black humour works face to face, for people who know each other well.

This is not either of those situations. 

It's not surprising though is it.  I suspect there would be a fair few bodies found in some parts of it.

i agree with hopkirk... i do think it is funny in a grim way

It's like the buses. You wait ages for one then two turn up.

I don't find that funny at all.

There's on average 22 bodies a year found in the Thames, just under 2 a month.  They've found this month's quota already

A man in the know once told me that if you scoured the bed of the Thames fifty yards either side of a bridge, one would need several articulated trucks to take away the firearms alone.

Paul, someone needs to rifle around through the dark, dank water.....

As to finding other bodies, it is rther ironic that they, the fezz, find more and I can't say 'it all comes out in the Wash' as the Thames doesn't exit there - one of these days the old crown jewels dating from King John's times will emerge, probably with even more bodies/skeletons.


Lizzie Hexham, in Our Mutual Friend did that ( hauled bodies from the  Thames)  - Bradley Headstone ( who falls in love with someone) was played by Warren Mitchell

yeah with all the skeletons shown kissing each other ( Marchioness in 1120) White Boat disaster - a right royal gay reunion. The king's eldest son was drowned [ william adelin ] along with all the gay young bloods of the court

No one dared tell the King ( Henry I) for three days

didn't some of Henry's other (illegitimate) children also die?

Even in the Three Men in a Boat, a young woman's body is found in the Thames.

It's more sad than it is funny

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