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Rule Britannia, Etc.

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douglas9401 | 21:55 Sun 11th Feb 2024 | News
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Striking fear in the hearts of our enemies?



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good old anti British BS you can't beat it.

Question Author


Careful now Doug. TTT will pop up now demanding this thread be removed.

I told them that they'd need a stronger rubber band but they just wouldn't listen!  😄

21:59 don't put yourself down me old china.

Britannia does not rule the waves any longer then. How can they when they have their flagships in dry dock and unable to move.

...............Must be the laughing stock of the world.............

Perhaps The UK is having problems obtaining spare parts to repair these flagships from the EU ...Due to Brexit rules and tariffs.🤣lol🤣.

they are I suppose building up the suspense, the feelings of doubt and fear, in the capital of X. Who are our current enemies? People in small boats?

Always a problem when one of our largest ships gets a fault and has to postpone sailing for any reason but these things can and do happen.  Just to put things right though the term flagship is the name given to the most senior officer with the group of ships and not a ship itself.  

Should have said that flagship is any ship the flagofficer is staying on and not one particular ship. 

Why was it going on NATO exercises anyway - should be out in the Gulf blasting Houthis!

So last minute inspections uncover a problem that hasnt been glossed over and is going to be fixed.

So yes, the fact we do maintain ships to a high qualty will strike fear into some enemies.  Ours will work when they are required.

Question Author

To have one carrier break down is unfortunate, for a second to be out of commission at the same time suggests issues not fixable by jingoistic bluster.

The UK is probably waiting for spare parts to arrive from the EU Probably Germany .But it is taking so long to get them through customs, due to all the extra paperwork because of Brexit. Meanwhile they are taking all the lifeboats off these flagships  to help the sinking Tory Party.

HMS Prince of Wales now leaving Portsmouth. 
I can almost taste the bitter disappointment above 😄


//To have one carrier break down is unfortunate, for a second to be out of commission at the same time suggests issues not fixable by jingoistic bluster.//

      Lessons will be learnt by MOD Procurement. for the future, Never use Badcrock Shipyard   Rosyth ,Fife. they cannae  build a row boat.                    

ICH 14.10 But how long before she has to return to harbour.

Gulliver it's good to see you supporting the UK with your non stop sniping at stuff built here.  At least with your earlier remark about the spares coming from the EU it seems that the stuff we get from them is not much use if it keeps breaking down.

She cast anchor and sailed today. Whatever the delay was it was not "propeller coupling or drive shaft issues". Those things are not fixed in 24 hours. Most likely held up because the Gin or Rum rations hadn't been loaded in time to catch yesterdays tide. Would you go without them? Or a bit of new deadly tech perhaps. Wonder if Theland's lad is aboard. 

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Rule Britannia, Etc.

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