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Israel Poised To Attack Rafah

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Untitled | 16:42 Mon 12th Feb 2024 | News
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approximately one million refugees are sheltering in Rafah as the IDF is preparing a ground assault... 

rafah was previously designated a safe zone for civilians by the IDF and there is nowhere else in gaza to flee

what will happen to them? 



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The link says they're evacuating the city.

Another Hamas attrocity about to happen. If only they'd stayed in bed on October 7th. They new exactly what would happen yet their small penis syndrome meant they sacrificed their own people anyway. Shameful.

Question Author

no naomi it says they say they will... there is a big difference

How do you know they won't? 

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In an interview aired on US network ABC on Sunday, Mr Netanyahu reiterated that Israeli forces would assault Rafah but insisted they were preparing "a detailed plan" for where civilians there could go.

"We're going to do it. We're going to get the remaining Hamas terrorist battalions in Rafah," he said, adding: "We're going to do it while providing safe passage for the civilian population."

However, others have cast doubt on the existence of a plan to evacuate civilians - or if one is actually possible.

Military analyst Professor Michael Clarke told Sky News that the offensive was days, or possibly weeks away.

He added: "They say there is (a plan) but we haven't seen what that plan may consist of.

"Most people think that this plan is more of a slogan than a real plan at the moment."

Prof Clarke said that negotiation, rather than military action, was "undoubtedly the best way to get more hostages out", despite an Israeli special forces raid that saw two hostages rescued."


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because the claims of an evacuation plan are not credible and they have a history of lying naomi

Can't help wondering what plans Hamas has to protect their people? 

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the 1 million in rafah are at the mercy of israel tora and not of hamas... the IDF has a choice here. it has conquered all of gaza, destroyed virtually every home, dug up the cemeteries, destroyed hospitals and mosques... they are the ones in control here. they are responsible for what they choose to do next.

Where are the 'honest as the day is long' members of Hamas? 

Seems like the IDF intel was good prior to the attack. Two Argentinain/Israeli hostages have been liberated.I wonder why they could be found in Raffah and how did they end up there???

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hamas isn't that bothered about protecting them i suspect naomi

I suspect that too, untitled.  Odd that you accept that without criticism.

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of course i do not accept it. it means that those refugees including huge numbers of children are at the mercy of the IDF. they have a duty to them do they not? 

I don't know any aber who has said they support hamas. Unless some of you know otherwise .

Hamas certainly does have a duty to them - but they'll doubtless renege on that and leave Israel to evacuate them as it says it will.  

                            //hamas isn't that bothered about protecting them i suspect naomi//

I am also amazed that you have come out with that factual gem I suppose it's not too much to ask if you accept that Hamas have been using Gazan families with children as human shields, built control centres under hospitals and schools and launched rockets from heavily populated civilian sites as well as storing arms and munitions in hospitals and Mosques???                                                               

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"built control centres under hospitals and schools"

israel has not provided any evidence that this happened in the case of al-shifa and has been caught lying about other medical facilities... so i have my doubts about that part. it is certainly true that hamas has hidden weapons in homes... i do not consider that justification for say blowing up an apartment complex while everyone is still inside

No point in trying to de-infest a rats' nest and leaving half the rats in place.

Question Author

thank you davebro. at last someone says what they actually think. 

Untitled, why do you assume others aren't saying what they think? 

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Israel Poised To Attack Rafah

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