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mushroom25 | 12:58 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | News
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apparently, in some quarters, being caught short could end up with you being fined for littering, under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

have you ever "littered" on a long car journey?



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I remember a coach camping trip where men would go on one side of the coach and women on the other. Then the driver drove off.

He must have needed some coaching.....

That is funny, Jno. 😁

we were the talk of the Tigris

//As an aside, why do men have to wee up something?//

Wind free zones are highly prized Tills. A bonus is that we don't have to pay special attention to where the nettles are. Mind how you go. 😲

Surely, when you wee up a wall/tree/vehicle, it splashes back onto your shoes and trousers.

Some say it depends on how far back you need to stand, Tilly. 😮

The lengths some will go to!

They call me José.

Is this one big *** take?

Only if urine for the long haul.


//Surely, when you wee up a wall/tree/vehicle, it splashes back onto your shoes and trousers.//

That is only a possibility for the unwary or unpracticed Tills. It is a rite of "passage" that young boys need to learn how to anticipate the angle of incidence and adjust their trajectory to negate the splash back effect. As they get older they will also learn to appreciate the likely effects of different textures that are available. Straw is easily negotiated but a certain level of experise is required for highly polished or corrugated surfaces. The corrugated surfaces of course themselves vary in that vertical or horizontal undulations result in very different spread patterns. After much practice, and progress through the various levels of proficiency, the confident *** taker can set themselves height and distance records or even speed and daring goals.      

I was caught short once and had to do it in the sink.

There was no soft paper around though so I had to use the kitchen towel to wipe.

Togo, you sound like TTT showing off.

Tilly - we never grow up:

We need something to aim at.

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