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They Just Can't Help It Can They.

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gulliver1 | 13:04 Sun 18th Feb 2024 | News
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Another cunning plan by the desperate Cons has been exposed.

The former Post office chairman Harry Staunton was told to stall compensation payments to subpostmasters "Horizon victims" because of the upcoming election To keep their financial liability figures down .



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do you have a link to this story?

Ha Ha Ha.^

I'm certain Gullivers shadow nicebloke1 will be along to provide one.

Well the total amount is so small as to be insignificant in the scheme of things so I doubt it would even register. So I suspect BS.

Just shows really how thick the cons are to carry on with their crooked activities and still thinking they can get away with such, and at the same time drag their feet with bringing the 200 million PPE crooks through the court. But eh, look on the bright side, everytime they are exposed for their scams, the more votes lost, even though they've already lost. :0)

12.14 Off topic?

I sense huge fear among the Labour party and their supporters. The spectre of Kinnochio celebrating "victory" in 1992 looms large. The polls are great yet they know that a world record swing is needed to overturn the Tory majority. The multiple by election buoys the mood yet the undeniable knowledge that by elections usually revert injects a slug of fear. We are miles ahead how can we lose? Yet mini crises emerge like a cruel game of Whack a mole. Doubt creeps in, can we lose from here? Is that possible? Why in our 124 year existence have we been in power only 24 years? Is there something we are missing? How can the Tories have been in power for 70 of those years?

The article is in The Guardian,


His original interview is in The Times here,

Question Author

Harry Staunton. Former PO chairman was recently sacked by Kemi Badenoch over the Horizon scandal which happend between 1999 and 2015  But he only became chairman in 2022.   When asked why he was being removed from office (sacked)    ..Kemi Badenoch Replied ..

....."Well someone's got to take the rap for this"...

So you don't have any provenance for your BS as usual then, right oh!

Here's a link for you, gulliver. If you take the trouble to read it you'll see you're mistaken.


He says he //was instructed by a senior civil servant [who?] to stall on compensation payments to the Horizon victims so that the government could "limp into the election" later this year with the lowest possible financial liability.

Kemi Badenoch's department have denied the claims and referred to the conversation as "simply incorrect".

“The Government has sped up compensation to victims, and consistently encouraged postmasters to come forward with their claims.

"In fact, upon appointment, Mr Staunton was set concrete objectives, in writing, to focus on reaching settlements with claimants – clear evidence of the Government’s intent.//


He's been sacked.   Sour grapes.


TORATORATORA, I have posted two links to the source for the thread.

Have a read of them.

Question Author

TCL .Are you sure.TTT Says it's all BS @ 12.15 .And he knows best or thinks he does .

I see from Naomi's link that as usual you are talking guano of the bovine.

Badenoch's department have denied the claims. Well, they would, wouldn't they?

Perhaps Mr Staunton should tell us who told him.  He doesn't appear to have done that.

Perhaps the government should give their version of the conversation since claiming one version is, "simply incorrect" is hardly informative, is it?

Sounds like someone who's peeved at getting the sack. The reports don't seem to support his claim. The government is pressing ahead with exoneratibg the accused.

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They Just Can't Help It Can They.

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