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Gb News Poll Shows That A Staggering 92% Want To Rejoin The Eu

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Hymie | 23:11 Sun 18th Feb 2024 | News
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Even my mate Phil doesn’t believe the figures (and tries to explain).




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Gulliver.  I can assure you that I am not panicking about the this OP as I have no evidence of any poll that shows 92% wanting to re-join the EU, particularly as the poster hasn't provided any evidence of this, as I asked in my post at 9.20.

As for GE I will worry about the result should a Labour Government be voted in.

GRAMPS, the poll has been taken down but it's been mentioned on X

It's been mentioned on X.  Oh must be 100% then. 🙄

Thanky you CORBYLOON. I don't know what X is, but when I click on your link there is nothing to provide the evidence that poster refers to.

X was twitter Gramps.  That bastion of truth!

Thanks for that information about twitter. Not a thing I have ever used.

GRAMPS, this is a screenshot of what you would have seen


Looks like Mick Lynch or any members of the RMT union was included in this survey?


Interestingly there are no "Don't Knows". I don't think I've ever seen a political poll with zero Don't Knows. Perhaps they were added to the "Yes" votes. Or perhaps they only asked 14 people. That could have provided a nice 93:7 response (near enough). Or perhaps they didn't ask anybody at all but simply made it up (which I suspect is far more likely).

@16.07.Or 29% of the SNP electorate?

So this guy posted on X inviting his  followers to join in on a poll.

Published & Promoted on behalf of Robin Stephens, Liberal Democrat by David Steeds.  

So not a scientific poll based on a representative cross- sample.

What could possible be flawed here

I would like a new referendum on the EU,nma.But like a new Scottish Indy referendum,it isnt going to happen for a while.

As we are a fairly mixed group of people on AB, why not have an in-house poll? - I think you'd be in for a terrible shock Hymie.

"I would like a new referendum on the EU..."

Why? Your boss has adjusted his business to cope with the new arrangements. Hopefully he is looking for markets elsewhere so he can grow his turnover rather than be dependent on the shrinking EU. Why would you want to return to the warm embrace of that nonsensical outfit (which will stab your business in the back as soon as it suits them to do so)?

YNNAFYMMI, "Looks like Mick Lynch or any members of the RMT union [wasn't] included in this survey?"

Members were advised to vote for Brexit but what percentage actually followed that advice?

Not sure,TCL.Do you know?

No idea but as  you've said they voted for Brexit, I thought you might have seen something indicating how they voted and I wondered if it was disproportionate to the UK vote as a whole or no.

Ive no idea either,TCL.Did you think there was a survey of RMT workers who voted for Brexit,like the Guardian had for the Scottish electorate?

//Gb News Poll Shows That A Staggering 92% Want To Rejoin The Eu//


They must be drunk.

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Gb News Poll Shows That A Staggering 92% Want To Rejoin The Eu

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