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Were You Or Your Kids Scared By A Syrup Logo?

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Khandro | 13:40 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | News
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Only when they blew off in the wind.

For goodness sake!  I do wish they'd stoppit!  What a load of rubbish!

The 'Express' may be scoffing the change of logo, but why haven't they shown the product in all it's former glory, just to remind those of us who haven't purchased it for ages what it looks like?

Perhaps they think it will upset you, ken.  ;o)

I wanted to see that too Ken!

It's also taken from a biblical quote. I'm surprised the bible bashers aren't up in arms about the change.

Madness, but at least the tins are keeping the original logo -

I wasn't. What does frighten me is the obsessive hunt for 'wokeness' and a wish by right-wingers to stoke ill-feeling between people. As Bernie Sanders said on the radio yesterday, the wealthy are determined to keep and increase their wealth and so they try to undermine democracy by spreading fear and division, which drives people to seek strong leaders - the enemies they have at the moment are wokeism, immigrants, religions, the 'enemy within', and so on.

The Express is a disgrace; not a newspaper, just a right-wing propaganda outlet serving the interests of unelected wealthy owners.

Completely nuts.  The logo used to include the Bible verse, but that was taken off years ago.  Personally I think its a great logo and riddle which kids love.  "Out of the eater came something to eat, And out of the strong came something sweet."  Ie the swarm of bees in the carcass of the dead lion.

Naomi @ 12;48; "Perhaps they think it will upset you Ken ;o)"

Naomi, i often watch Youtube vids while i'm having my tea and sometimes those vids are of Kimodo Dragons eating their prey live. In one of them, a goat is eaten live and it's muffled bleating can be heard even after it has been swallowed.

The fork still moves smoothly twixt plate and mouth 😊

I wasn't scared by the logo as a kid but I always disliked the reference to the death of a lion.

As an adult, and an atheist, I'm glad to see the removal of a religious reference from the product. 

to be honest i remember the lion on the tin but didn't realise it was dead with bees round it x

Ken, you're incorrigible!  ;o)

Never seen it - but bees make honey & syrup doesn't come from honey - or does it?

Atheist, sounds to me that if anyone is stoking ill-feeling it's people like Bernie Sanders.

I never noticed it!!! Just got stuck into the tin!

No I' 8o and always looked at thr picture when I was eating brekkie. I thought it was sad but it didnt worry me

Out of the strong came forth sweetness!

Naomi; I haven't heard from Saunders for ages. I find more ill-will here than I do from him. Anyway, to lighten things up, I never particularly liked golden syrup, but I was (and still am) very partial to black treacle - can eat it off a spoon.

I always liked the lion on the tin. I don't think that a business re-jigging one of its can designs should get people het-up; it's not part of a big woke conspiracy by the wokers, but it's certainly a very popular concept with the foaming-mouthed Frank Doberman brigade.

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Were You Or Your Kids Scared By A Syrup Logo?

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