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Staunton Vs Badenoch Update

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Hymie | 22:13 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | News
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For those interested.....




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I'm interested but heard nothing new in there

Question Author

I was unaware that Badenoch had used parliamentary privilege to call Staunton a liar.

If it was poker then Badenoch went all in on Staunton and we're still waiting to find out their cards.

But in fact it's bridge, and Badenoch and Staunton were on the same side, cheating against the sub-postmasters ...

Are MPs allowed to call another member of parliament 'liars'?

Twas Churchill got round that rule by using the phrase, A purveyor of terminological inexactitudes.

Question Author

As ever, my mate Phil is on the case – this looks worse for Badenoch with a cross-party committee of MPs taking evidence on the matter.


SANDY, she wasn't calling any MP a liar so I'm not sure what you mean.

Just another Tory case of cheating and lying ,it's the norm these days. Just hope the Baroness mone investigation is brought to trial this side of the General Election .

HI Gullz

Hi Me !

Staunton was brought in as a cleaner, and quickly took on the Post Office mentality of "why bother? xc when it's my bonus for being good at this!"

The problem about compo for the SPM is that they er lied about the reasonable bill ( £ 100m) and found it  is ten times that

so Chemi ( being a counter at heart) said - dont settle the bill before saturday - sort of clam it down a bit....

and stauntie thought yippee

and stauntie thought yippee I can sit around all day AND claim a great big fat bonus for doing so ( govt guidelines etc)

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Staunton Vs Badenoch Update

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