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They Just Cant Help It Can They.

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gulliver1 | 13:10 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | News
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Boris Johnson has disputed a claim that he demanded £793,000 for being interviewed by Fox News. A spokesperson for Mr Johnson said it was untrue . I believe Fox news.



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Now Johnson is saying he initially accepted the interview providing the money went to Ukrainian Veteran Charities. If you can believe him (I don't) .But after the death of the Russian opposition leader ..He changed his mind and decided not to go ahead

It's the business of Fox News and the people they want to interview to agree on fees.  'Demand' doesn't come into it.  No story here as far as I can see.

I'm really getting worried about you, Gully.

Gulliver has never got over his Boris Johnson complex,i have got over my Nicola Sturgeon complex.Perhaps its time for Gulliver to move on?

Question Author

Naomi 12.17 ...."No story here as far as I can see".....

When it comes to an Anti Boris post you  just put your blinkers on.

I know where you got this from, gulliver, and you appear to have been rather selective when constructing your OP.  No surprise there.  I'll leave you to post a link for the benefit of your readers.

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YNA 12.29 But you know Sturgeon has gone for good .

The cost of Sturgeons motor caravan  was just a drop in the Ocean compared with  the billions of pounds Boris  and his Crony club mugged the British tax payer for. Just look at the Baroness Mone fraud for example.

Oh Yes please Gulliver,

Could you,personally,by yourself,on your own,singularly and unaided provide a link because I know who I would rather not believe.

@12.39.Sorry to say this Gulliver,but you just have to let this go old boy.Johnson gone,Sturgeon gone.Move on hun.

Question Author

12.43 Not so sure Johnson has gone .The Virus could return

Aye,but reading a lot of posts up here in Scotland quite a few SNPers want Sturgeon back.God knows why.As i said Sturgeon is gone,Johnson is gone.Time to move on hun.

Question Author

This is a bit rich....Boris saying that someone else is telling lies.

Question Author

I see Liz Truss is appearing on Fox news, she probably has to pay them to appear.

I'm sure Fox can afford it. 


I'm happy to give them an interview for £793k if they're interested.

And how much does Tony Blair charge for public speaking? They should be able to ask for what they want if its in a private capacity.If he did ask for that, so what? They can either say yes or say no. 

Who cares about any of this? BJ can do what he likes now. As long as he stays away from the govt again I'll be happy.

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They Just Cant Help It Can They.

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