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Liz Truss In Washington

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andy-hughes | 23:23 Fri 23rd Feb 2024 | News
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Here is proof if any were needed, of the 'distance' factor when it applies to ex-Prime Ministers.

It's clear that there is a direct correlation between the distance from the UK that ex-PM's stand up and spout utter garbage, and the attention they get, and the money they are paid.

In common with Tony Blair, Liz Truss has discovered that the further away from the UK you are, the more gravitas and respect you appear to gain, the more attention is paid to the utter piffle that dribbles out of your mouth, and the bigger the obscene amounts of money you get paid to do it.

For each mile you travel, your utterly trashed and worthless reputation as someone with anything interesting or relevant to say, diminsihes, and is replaced with the opposite, the notion that you are charismatic, intelligent, fasincating, relavent, and generally worth time and attention.

If you can stand to listen to the entire link, you can hear a woman whose style of speech would be laughed out of a fourth year debating society in any high school in the country.

With content that doesn't actually make any sense or convey any meaning whatsoever to anyone who has more than the attention span of a tired and drowsy gnat.

Whatever she was paid for this, they were robbed, and whoever sat through it, that's a period of your life you won't get back.

A word of advice - if an ex-PM is down to speak within your earshot, do yourself a favour, stay in and colour code your sock drawer, it's better use of your valuable time.



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This appears to be a question (sort of) an assessment, and an answer.  What do you want?

Excruciating. I managed one minute of full attention but she's still droning on while I'm typing this.

Those pauses for applause. Oh, Liz just leave quietly. 

She seems somewhat further along the autistic spectrum than the average person.

That's not a criticism. Just an observation.

One word: deluded

Question Author

I don't believe Ms Truss is on the spectrum.

Rather, she demonstrates that writing and delivering a speech in public is far more difficult than most practitioners make it look.

Writing and speaking are considerable skills 

Ms Truss is now sadly paid large amounts of money in other countries to continue to confirm what she used to offer free of charge - she possesses not even the basics of either talent.

//I don't believe Ms Truss is on the spectrum.//

I'm sure she is. You only have to look at her strange pronouncements about pork and cheese to realise it. Plus the whole pop con thing.

But yes, she's also rubbish at giving a speech as well.

And here are a few clips from before the time she (unbelievably) became Prime Minister - what were "we" thinking ... 

Exactly ellipses. "we" weren't thinking anything

She was anointed by Tory party members.

Question Author

I remain utterly mystified as to how she even became an MP, never mind a minister, and then PM.

Clearly the Party saw abilities and skills that were, and still are, a mystery to the rest of us. 

Why does she pronounce CINO as, "chino"?

I firmly believe all former prime ministers should be gagged the minute they are out of office!!

//Why does she pronounce CINO as, "chino"?//


I don't know what she's talking about because I haven't watched the video but 'c' in Italian if followed by 'e' or 'i' is pronounced 'ch'.  That might help.

OK. I've now watched just over two minutes of it and the pauses to allow for a mere trickle of applause that can only have been offered out of politeness are truly cringeworthy.  She wasn't speaking Italian so I'll update my advice above with another answer to 'Why does she pronounce CINO as, "chino"?'.   Dunno.

As I recently asked - Why do humans seem to be the only life-form on this planet which selects the dumbest amongst them to be their leader?

she can't be a very good local mp... she represents a norfolk constituency while living in greenwich and swanning around the states for pots of money... i suspect she knows that she is likely to lose her seat and reasonably enough i suppose is building another career as a public speaker... everyone's got to eat i suppose

Well she may have a poor delivery but she's right about a lot of things. Wokenomics, the CINO, the anti British/American Trobiscites etc.  Anyway as jno points out yes I voted for Liz, I hoped she would turn out better, she was a dissappointment. We should have stuck with Bojo, now we have Richie Soonaxed who we are stuck with for now but he'll be gone by Xmas unless a miracle occurs and we win the GE. Who knows Sir Beer may well be the first Labour leader to win a GE in half a century. Then we'll be run by the antisemites and the reds under the bed. Be careful what you wish for.

Question Author

Untitled  - I suspect that career is going to be short lived.

Mr Blair - while consistently offering the square root of naff all, does manage to deliver it as though it sounds vaguely interesting, and as though he believes what he is saying.

Ms Truss has singularly failed to master either of those fundamentals required to fool some of the people some of the time. 

As TTT says she is right on some things but she really does appear to think she's far more important than anyone else gives her credit for.  A very arrogant woman.

I just knew some Tory supporter would post on here that they agree with the nonsense she spouted.

Here is a brief critic of extracts of her speech:-



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Liz Truss In Washington

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