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Liz Truss In Washington

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andy-hughes | 23:23 Fri 23rd Feb 2024 | News
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Here is proof if any were needed, of the 'distance' factor when it applies to ex-Prime Ministers.

It's clear that there is a direct correlation between the distance from the UK that ex-PM's stand up and spout utter garbage, and the attention they get, and the money they are paid.

In common with Tony Blair, Liz Truss has discovered that the further away from the UK you are, the more gravitas and respect you appear to gain, the more attention is paid to the utter piffle that dribbles out of your mouth, and the bigger the obscene amounts of money you get paid to do it.

For each mile you travel, your utterly trashed and worthless reputation as someone with anything interesting or relevant to say, diminsihes, and is replaced with the opposite, the notion that you are charismatic, intelligent, fasincating, relavent, and generally worth time and attention.

If you can stand to listen to the entire link, you can hear a woman whose style of speech would be laughed out of a fourth year debating society in any high school in the country.

With content that doesn't actually make any sense or convey any meaning whatsoever to anyone who has more than the attention span of a tired and drowsy gnat.

Whatever she was paid for this, they were robbed, and whoever sat through it, that's a period of your life you won't get back.

A word of advice - if an ex-PM is down to speak within your earshot, do yourself a favour, stay in and colour code your sock drawer, it's better use of your valuable time.



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She's a  embarrassment.   She represents the constituency just 15 minutes away from us.  She is a useless  local MP.  How she got voted back in I don't understand.


Think it's  time her carer called the men in white coats in and get Saga to arrange for her to be sent back to Britain in a strait jacket .

......She is just another embarrassment to the UK

As it says in the link "The more attention is paid to the to the utter piffle that dribbles out of your mouth the bigger the obscene amounts of money you get paid to do it"

...... Boris Johnson was the first person to prove that to us.....

Question Author

No, Tony Blair was first, and still doing it now.

What would you expect, she was one of Boris's circus clowns.

Nice bloke are you Gullies twin.   The one though that actually visits other sections!   ;0) and joins in

Liz Truss always seems like a robot to me,  no movement  in her face whatsoever and no personality.

I get the feeling she was a fave round the bikesheds and maybe took it forward into adulthood.

Oooh,  naughty Douglas.  Perhaps Angela Rayner was her pal.

-- answer removed --

And to think the tax payer is funding her office here in the UK to arrange these trips to spout this utter crap.

I stopped wearing CINOs in the 90s.

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Liz Truss In Washington

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