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I suspect a very small minority have issues with the trans community, it is the demands that others lie and override basic rights to please that community that causes most concern. Be honest, stop trying to get others to be dishonest, don't demand advantages other others that are clearly unreasonable, and most issues will evaporate.

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So still no one can tell me why lefties love the ultra right wing Islam? Just a lot of diversionary tac tics then? Right oh!

Probably those on the left who do support Palestinians or Muslims see them as an oppressed minority in need of support. The problem is unlikely to be with the majority, but with the activists who control the group's image for such sections of society. A trouble is the number willing to stand up for those extremists even if they aren't keen to be one. It isn't a situation likely to change any time soon, so management will prove difficult. 


This makes for interesting reading. The irony that Queers for Palestine members would possibly be killed in Palestine just for being gay, seems to have been lost on them.

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Early start tonight, DTC? 🙄

yep, douglas, I need it - medicinal of course....a bout of, hopefully, a short term cold thing.....

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Another Cracker From The Religion Of Peace.....

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