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Truss The Tory.. Gobbing Off In America.

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gulliver1 | 13:05 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | News
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Rishi Sunak has been told to remove the whip from Liz Truss after saying in her speech in the US...That Joe Biden is asleep at the wheel and he should be kicked out of the White House. 

 ... Pot and kettle just like she was kicked out of No 10.....       



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Fair enough bednobs.

Question Author

13.13 Prudie The word Biddy is in the Cambridge Dictionary English Dictionary etc etc Look it up . But take note I did not mention anyone on Answer Bank Thats your complaint flawed OK.







(plural biddies)

(informal, offensive)

​a way to refer to an old woman that shows you do not respect her

Gulliver how pathetic if you truly believe I don't know what the word biddy means and I did NOT mention that you were talking about women on AB either so that's your complaint flawed.

This isn't about an insult aimed at a specific poster which yes is seen and allowed all over the site during spats (unless you're a valued member, then it gets removed). This is an insult and generalisation aimed at a whole sector of society - older women. We are not allowed to make such sweeping statements about other groups but older women is acceptable?

//The word Biddy is in the Cambridge Dictionary English Dictionary//

A four letter word beginging with C is in the Oxford Dictionary, so do you think you can use that?


I heard on Radio 4 news today that the whip has been removed from Anderson.

Prudie, the regular use of 5C is aimed (without naming names) at people on AB and elsewhere who disagree with a certain person on AB. Not many people object to it in writing, as it's become routine and doesn't seem to be censored.

I think that such language only serves to lower the tone and the intellectual level of threads.

I think you are right Atheist  and I also think there is now a total lack of any enthusiasm from the management to keep this site up and running. I seriously think its on its way out.  It's only the quizzes  etc section that draws in members.  I'm not blaming the moderators, but there's really no set procedures for moderators to follow.  I think there should be.  

Whilst one should strive not to insult, it is also true that one should avoid reacting as a snowflake. One gets the feeling this thread gets derailed. Not that is seems particularly valuable discussion material.

I think it's all a great shame. 

"It's only the quizzes  etc section that draws in members"

That, surely though, is the main business of the site. This sort of stuff is just padding.

I think that it's a shame that there are so many people here who only post in order to insult and provoke ill-feeling.

It's a pity that Answer Bank has become a vehicle for provocative assertionsm with no questions asked in the OP's. Even a question posed just to comply technically with the 'Answer' part of the site's name would introduce a modicum of civility.


Good point Atheist. I hope gulliver and others who take this approach take note. gulliver is the main culprit though.

I agree that this sort of thing is dispiriting. Most people though I think come here to ask proper questions. Ultimately this section is always going to be controversial and not quite like most of the rest of the site.

i bet sunak is green with envy lol. he'll be doing exactly the same thing by the end of the year and getting boatloads of money for it. 

i don't begrudge them it tbh... everybody's got to eat and it seems pretty harmless. if there are americans who have that much money to waste on hearing these two then.... 

perhaps they can do live reenactments of the leadership contest. they could take it off-broadway. that's about where this country's dignity is at right now!

Question Author

Why can't this Dreamer Truss, just stay at home looking after her husband and family ,then maybe join the WRVS or even The Salvation Army when she gets bored,  and leave politics out of her life .....Because she is no good at it....

Question Author

Untitled 15.16 Perhaps later this year, Truss and Sunak might be doing punch and judy shows on the beach for the young conservative children with Boris as the main puppet.

Biddy and all your other insults against women - bigot, I would say and no better than the ex-dep. chairman of the Tories, though he has more of a case to justification for his stance than you have on here. As to the Truss - The Trumpette would probably love to have her running as VP and then Forage in a senior 'secretary' of something role...she provides good sound-bites for the right wing of the *** party. And you couldn't even get close to that with Beer-Warmer.....

Question Author

Just been watching a  clip of Loopy Liz, being interviewed on American TV ....She's crackers .Bring her back ..lock her up, or take her passport off her.

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Truss The Tory.. Gobbing Off In America.

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