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Spoonful Of Sugar Required

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douglas9401 | 19:57 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | News
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Have to rush now, I'm going to be violently sick.




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hold on ttt, thats just wit the BBFC are doing here isnt it - giving a warning.  So if its the right thing to do for DB, why not MP?

bednobs: "So if its the right thing to do for DB, why not MP?" - Search me.

but you said it! i am searching you

How many children would know what a hottentot is?  I had to go and look it up.

Apologies I misunderstood. They have rasied it from U to PG I guess that is better than cutting it about but I would prefer they just issue a warning at the start like they did with DB.

they did the same to DB, raised it from a u to a pg coz of language, so maybe next time mp is on the tv they will

fair enough didn't realise they'd raised the DB.

It's all totally ridiculous.

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The more I read of this abject nonsense the more I'm convinced that some people are just programmed to eradicate all the joy from life.  Dementors I call them - the horrible creatures from the Harry Potter books who suck all the happiness out of their victims.  A stage production of 'My Fair Lady' is another to have the dirge of the dismal visited upon it.  I don't swear - but sometimes I really could!

"While Mary Poppins has a historical context, the use of discriminatory language is not condemned, and ultimately exceeds our guidelines for acceptable language at U. We therefore classified the film PG for discriminatory language."

Whoever said this was obviously more interested in being offended by discriminatory language than they were about checking their own mangling of the English language.  The word you're looking for is "condoned", not "condemned"!


We have brought people up to be so precious, my own daughter and husband I'm sure would agree with the removal or warning about this word. Meanwhile I am expected to hear the F word on R4 dramas and the C word on mainstream TV and not bat an eyelid even though the latter I find utterly horrendous.

Good points, Prudie!

Yes, Prudie - and find shows like Naked Attraction perfectly acceptable.  Sad world innit.

thye do mean condemmed

part of the BBFC's guidelines say that discriminatory language that in the context of the film is more acceptable that if it's used without being condemned in the film.

so for example "you're a ***" "wow that's shocking and you shouldnt use that language anymore" is better than "you're a ****"

i realise i did my own mangling there BTW

what i actually mean is the film containing discriminatory language is more likely to be accepted if in the film itself, people are seen to be condemning it

We went to see the Dam Busters when it was the anniversary of the raid and there was a preamble from somewhere with Dan Snow introducing it. He solemnly announced that 'the naughty word' had been left in but apologised, however his apology was drowned out by the cheering when the audience heard it had been left in!

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Spoonful Of Sugar Required

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