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Sir Beer Should Be Very Worried After Gorgeous George Win.....

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ToraToraTora | 11:36 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | News
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Although if you read the actual article the cause of the great anxiety doesn't really amount to anything other than the "real risk" of some far left candidates standing in a few seats. 

I dont understand this, labour didnt put a candidate up.

If I was SKS I wouldnt bother about it, a one horse pony garnering support from one community who actually only got 40% of a 40% turnout.

//I dont understand this, labour didnt put a candidate up.//


Only because they were obliged to withdraw support for him.  With the ballot papers printed he was still listed as the Labour candidate.  Had he won doubtless they would have hooked him back on board before long.

Naomi.this is a duplicate thread ..already covered by Rossetta 03.21 and you know what you do with duplicate threads  don't you.

I do know what I do with duplicate threads, gulliver - and this isn't one.  This one is about Keir Starmer.


Not a duplicate thread at all. 

Pot kettle black springs to mind given that you regularly post effectively the same thread several times a week.

The former Labour party candidate would've been classes as an independent had he won, so why would Labour voters vote for him? The Tory candidate down in third should be the bigger concern for the Cons.

But why vote for GG?

Becaise he's better than an antisemite or.a Tory (in their eyes)

Does anyone knpw what David Tully, the Independent who finished second, was running on? Was he more.left.or right leaning?

gg is an opportunist simple as that, has he ever done anything of note, he reminds me of hitler in the 20's before he was chancellor rousing the populace or rochdale, he has the ethnic minorities ears for sure george is akbar or gg akbar rhymes better, im actually suprised he's still alive, he insulted a lot of  people in the past.

Mozz, surely GG was not targeting the voters who unhappy with anti semites in Labour; quite the opposite: he was targeting the Muslim pro Gaza, anti Israel and, some would add, anti semitic voters

There's definitely scope for a pro-Islam antisemite party- led by Galloway, with Jezza Corbyn, Sadiq Khan Diane Abbot,Jess Phillips, Yasmin Qureshi, Afzal Khan, and Afzhar Ali.  Kier could use this as an opportunity to get rid of all the jew-haters and extremists still lurking behind him.

You think Jess Phillips is antisemitic? (!)

Fender, I'm sure he was, but if those voters had no other candidate from Labour to vote for, it's an easy win. Put a candidate up against them and it's probably a different story.

Galloway has Chris Williamson with him today - that speaks volumes.


Williamson is an out and out unabashed Jew hater.

Not a problem for Starmer. Labour didn't lose this by election because it didn't have a candidate.

The Tory got a quarter of Galloway's vote. The other mainstream parties did equally as badly. The other party leaders have more to worry about than Starmer. He is leading the polls and the voters think all the other are irrevellent.

It's how things are done on the sub-continent, a reminder of home.

G.G. prbably got elected because the muslims would have voted for him.

Sunak and his Cons must be in blind panic for Sunak to make a desperate speech to the nation outside No.10.

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Sir Beer Should Be Very Worried After Gorgeous George Win.....

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